Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The More Things Change...

The infamous Adam Rubin reported today that John Ricco is the most likely successor to Omar Minaya. Matt Cerrone said the same thing yesterday.

I admit that I know very little about John Ricco, but this is a horrible idea. As I feared, it sounds like the Mets are planning on Jim Duquette v2 (or Al Harazin v3). Ricco's lack of scouting experience will give Jeff Wilpon all the more reason to rely on the committee-approach to decision making.

Rubin's article says that the Wilpons like the idea of promoting from within "because much of the front office and other staff can remain intact if Ricco ascends to the role, avoiding the type of costly overhaul that could ensue if a new general manager is hired from outside the organization and wants to replace 12 front-office members, plus dismiss the on-field staff."

The Mets need a costly overhaul! They need to replace prominent front-office members! The last thing they need is to keep the front office intact. I'm not an Omar fan, but it's clear that the problems with the Mets organization run too deep to be solved by replacing one man. The Mets desperately need to bring in an outsider from a well-run organization, and give that outsider full autonomy to restructure everything, top to bottom. Firing Omar and promoting Ricco will just result in a front office with all the flaws of the Omar era, but lacking Omar's one strength: his ability and courage to pull the trigger on big moves. Do we really believe that a Ricco-led committee could have pulled off the Johan trade?

I Ch-Ch-Ch-Chooz...Who?

Waaaay back in New Yawk in the 1990's, when the Gints and Jets sucked hard, the joke was that Charlie Ward was the best quarterback in town. It was funny cuz it was true. He also ranks 7th all time on the Knicks assist list.

Those days ended once Kerry Collins and Vinny turned around each teams' fortunes. Then Eli came to town and not only became the best QB but the cutest of the pies too. Not without some serious comp from Chad.

But now, well, it's a whole new battlefield. With each passing day Eli grows more and more into a Manning, and looking at the road ahead, well, that road looks fairly goofy judging by the punched-in faces of Peyton and Archie. Plus, the Jets just drafted a hunk of brahsomeness in Mark "Clean" Sanchez. A face carved out of the Santa Monica Mountains. Skin as soft as the Santa Ana wind. Curls as gnarly as the Malibu riptide. Chest as broad as the Valley. Trained in Board-Shortz-All-Day-and-Red-Dixie-Cup -Bro-ing-The-Fuck-Down-All-Nite by no less a brothority as Matt Leinart. YIKES! How's a gurl to chooz? But we must. Comments to decide. Eli or the 'Chez.