Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Ingenious Insurance Scheme for Paris Metro Fare Beaters; Lignes gratuites

The fine for evading the fare on Paris' Metro system is 72 euros, or around $94. Methods include jumping high to tap an exit sensor, slipping in behind paying custies (suckers), or good old-fashioned turnstile hopping. Some smart Parisienne hustling monsieurs ("I, how you say, stay on my grizz-lay") have banded together to put together an insurance scheme. Each member chips in around $7 beans a month, should that member get busted, his fine is covered in full.

Sure beats having to pretend one is taking a gnarly dump on the LIRR like some fine-feathered members of our croo.

Then there is L.A., which all but begs you to not pay. You see, there are turnstiles, but they are not locked. You may enter as you please. One must have a ticket on you at all times and be prepared to show a valid ticket if asked by a random inspector on the rails. But as Coups and I learned after a looooong day of subway travel in and around downtown L.A., aint no one getting all up in your bizness asking for no papers. This aint Arizona.