Friday, June 11, 2010

Footie Fever

 So I'm in the process of preparing a World Cup guide. Here is a preview .pdf, it is a massive file, Freddie Coups helped out, take a look if you have time. (Scroll down to the middle of the page).
Also wanted to put my predictions on paper (virtual paper), please add yours in the comments.

group a: mexico, s. africa
group b: argentina, south korea
group c: england, algeria
group d: germany, serbia
group e: netherlands
group f: italy, slovakia
group g: brazil, ivory coast
group h: spain, chile

round of 16
1st bracket:
mexico v. south korea: mexico
england v. serbia: england
holland v. slovakia: holland
brazil v. chile: brazil
mexico v. england: england
holland v. brazil: brazil
england v. brazil: brazil

2nd bracket:
germany v. algeria: germany
argentina v. south africa: argentina
italy v. cameroon: italy
spain v. ivory coast: spain
germany v. argentina: germany
italy v. spain: spain
germany v. spain: spain

brazil v. spain: spain

not very bold choices I know, but the last stages of the World Cup have never really produced surprises. Competitive imbalance.

Is Lady Gaga a Met Fan?

 We already know most of the famous Met fans. Glenn Close (so classy), Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin James (stop yelling at me), Viggo Mortensen (would a Viggo/Figo movie pairing literally burn the screen?), Matthew Broderick (poor guy has to root for the Mets AND sleep with a horse), Julia Stiles (met her outside a Knick game, very nice, shawter than the Mets reign on top), Marc Anthony (the only human being skinnier than BK Wallstreet), Julian Casablancas ("ohhh, we're the Strrrrrrrooooookes") and Kelly Ripa (perhaps the only human being hotter than my proposed Viggo/Figo pairing).

Can we now add Lady Gaga to this list? Only the biggest hitmaker in the world right now? The inheritor to Madonna's throne? Can the fucking paparazzi let her watch the Mets and Padres in peace?

 It's Gaga's world, we just pay rent in it. She may have feelings for the Mets, but she can't be tied down, after all, she's a "free bitch, baby."