Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When it Rains

Joel Sherman always has a way of making the life of a Mets fan that much more depressing. In his Hardball column today, he discusses why the Yanks were savvy in not pulling the trigger for Johan, and how the Mets made a dumb roster move in trying to make space for Nelson Figueroa involving Rule 5 mysteries that only Cannatar can understand.

At least Johan isn't gone for 2010!!!


For those still paying attention to the Mets season, Billy Wagner's agent is named Bean Stringfellow.

Would any Met-maniac have believed, before the season, that on August 25th the two healthiest Met stars would be K-Rod and B-Wagz? Is there a point to playing "major league" games with the team that is left? Can the rest of the string be played out in Port St. Lucie?