Tuesday, August 25, 2009


For those still paying attention to the Mets season, Billy Wagner's agent is named Bean Stringfellow.

Would any Met-maniac have believed, before the season, that on August 25th the two healthiest Met stars would be K-Rod and B-Wagz? Is there a point to playing "major league" games with the team that is left? Can the rest of the string be played out in Port St. Lucie?


Fred Coupon said...

I've read some compelling arguments to actually keep Billy next year and attempt to unload not-many-Ks-Rod before his awful fourth year option kicks in - 17.5 million!!!1!!
Unfortunately, no one's gonna touch the contract and his declining peripherals.

Good job by Billy screwing the Mets over as well. I want Manuel to throw him out there for 40 pitches a night now.

cannatar said...

Can't really blame Wagner. If you don't want a player to use a no-trade clause, then don't give it to him.

That's an interesting idea about trading K-Rod, but I agree that it would be hard to find a taker.

cannatar said...

Nevermind. Sounds like Wagner changed his mind and has been traded. Once we find out who the prospects are, I'll put up a post.

cannatar said...

It's 2 players to be named later. I don't think we should expect much.

The Mets save $3.7 million. It's tricky to put a dollar figure on draft picks, but the value of the two picks the Mets would've received for losing Wagner to free agency is probably only a little more than $3.7 million. Their bargaining position wasn't very strong.

Fred Coupon said...

Even if those prospects are at the bottom of the Sox organization, they must raise the overall grade of the Mets' system.

Fred Coupon said...

Chris Carter no longer qualifies as a prospect, but at least he had pop in the minors. No reason he can't play everyday on this team.