Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Baseball Playoffs. Yawn.

 Major League Baseball once had the most meritorious playoff system in the land. Win your league. Even after the split to two divisions, it was fairly fair. Now? It's a mess. Tiny divisions mean that many years non-playoff teams in strong divisions have better records than teams that qualify. The rule that a division winner cannot play the wild card in the first round is arbitrary and asinine. What is the rationale? The league that gave us the wild-card, the NFL, doesn't have this rule. A few years ago the football Giants and Eagles played each other in the last game of the season and finished 1-2 in the NFC East. They promptly played each other the next week in the first round of the playoffs. The world still ate their buffalo wings in peace.
Am I bitter because I think the Rays have a better shot of beating the Yanks in a short 5-game series? Mayhaps.
Yankees over Twins (what a suprise! fucking worthless Twins wasting a playoff spot every year).
Rangers over Rays (just to make it easier for the Yankees to advance)
Yankees over Rangers (a 3-man rotation for the Yanks. Of course it will work)
Giants over Braves (a vicious rematch of the 2002 NLDS)
Phillies over Reds (zzzzzzzzzzzz)
Giants over Phils (only because the playoffs can't go exactly the way everyone says?)
Yankees over Giants, How Ya Doin?
Those are my 2-cents, what are yours?