Thursday, August 19, 2010

Big League Whiffleball Awesome Show Great Job!

 Ill pitching, check out the video on ESPN. Far more impressive is their strike zone. Imagine if we had one of those for sticks! It would open up a plethora of new fields to play on. Sadly, they don't offer one for sale on their web site, Big League Whiffleball, offering instead some ugly t-shirts. I suppose we could build one ourselves, but we are far removed from our physics days, what thickness and what material would be needed to stand up to the abuse of a steady diet of bizman fastballs?

The Los Angeles Clippers: A Tradition of Excellence (Not!)

I'm no simile sexpert but I don't think of dunks as "fast." As in, man, that Shawn Kemp sure dunked the ball swiftly! Monstrous, sure. Barbaric, yes. Yamtastic, indeed. And please, please, please watch this Shawn Kemp Reebok commercial. I imagine Clippers tix are moving as swiftly as Tree Rollins defending Kemp in this clip.Also, has Griffy-Griff even dunked the ball for the Paper Clips in a game yet?

Don Sterling comes off seeming surprising funny in this surprisingly decent L.A. Times column by hack T.J. Simers. Good reading. We can only dream of having the kind of lucci that let's us pay a men like Ryan Gomes and Randy Foye millions and then say, ""If I really called the shots we wouldn't have signed Gomes and what's the other guy's name?"

And the new Clippers road uni and logo. Still biting the Lakers with that logo, and the usual extraneous modern-NBA piping on the sides.