Thursday, September 30, 2010

Amaze-Balls Old Baseball photos via Uniwatch; also, "Man, those shoes are amazing." And I said, "Yes, they are. I'm Kanye West."

Absolutely amazing old wire service photos posted on Uniwatch yesterday:
 The O.G. Big Mac Attacc. aka Andy Richter.
 Bing's Got 5 on it. Get Lifted, Bob.

 Mr. Burns kindly asks that you fire one in there.
Ah 1-2-1-2--Where Crooklyn at?
 Rudy Giuliani does not like that call. 
 Interesting shot of Madison Square Garden from when it opened. Note the upper parts above the 400s, the lack of the post-1989 renovation luxury boxes. Looks kinda empty. Also note how impossibly smoof young Clyde is.
Worth popping into your local Barnes & Noble to peep the latest XXL magazine on that free tip to read the rest of Kanye West's beautifully insane essay. 

"How many times have people taunted me because of a color that I had on or how tight my pants were? It's nothing. I'm at the point now where I can go to ABC Carpet and spend five hours picking out sheets, 'cause I love colors, like teal and taupe and salmon ... When I visited Wayne at Rikers Island, I had a suit on with some slippers, and the guard said, 'Man, those shoes are amazing.' And I said, 'Yes, they are. I'm Kanye West.'"

"The only person that came to visit me the night it happened (storming the stage during Taylor Swift's MTV award acceptance) was Mos Def. He came to my house right afterward and said, “Move. You’re not going to be able to make it out here. You can’t make it in America right now. You have to move.” And that’s what I did. I went to Japan for three weeks, then moved to Rome for the rest of the year. I worked as an intern at Fendi. On weekends, I would fly to Paris and sometimes take off four days just to be in Stockholm, Sweden, just to meet with Johnny who runs Acne, or the Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, to find the perfect pair of jeans."

His twitter is also bananas blaze:
"Yo, being nice is my whole shit right now."
"Man ... ninjas are kind of cool ... I just don't know any personally"