Monday, July 26, 2010

Rob Van Dam 4:20 Forever

 Yesterday, moments after losing the Chinese Handball Heavyweight Championship Belt, 9-3, to my boy B-town in Venice, I ran into Rob Van Dam right by the outdoor workout area, which is the mythical home of "Muscle Beach." I recognized him right away, and got Coachette to snap this exclusive photo. RVD is EXXtremely friendly. He asked if I watched TNA, which I said I did when I could. I asked him if it's as good as the old days and he said it's as good as ever.
Back in the day, I enjoyed wrestling almost as much as everyone else did. It's purely thanks to Cannatar that I got to enjoy ECW (Elks Lodge 4-eva) which provided a far more entertaining product than WWF or WCW and RVD was the main reason why. He represented the quantum leap from Hogan style slapping of chests to high-flying off-the-top-rope style actually-athletic wrestling style.
And considering how most post-prime wrestling lives usually are it felt good to see RVD looking completely normal and healthy.