Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We are Old Volume 1,034: God Shammgod's son is a rising high school basketball star. Also, England Celebrate Becoming the #1 Test Cricket Team in the World with Mase.

NY Post with the story on God Shammgod's son, Shammgod Wells, a senior (!) at LaSalle. What's next, Felipe Lopez, Jr. going as the top pick in next year's draft? When's Majestic Mapp dropping babies?

A highlight from a Wall Street Journal profile of the original G.O.D.D. back in 2007:
"Food is another constant concern. Mr. Shammgod tries to eat all of his meals at Pizza Hut or McDonald's, Taiyuan's only two Western establishments. We ate at McDonald's three times during my 24-hour visit, my first visits to a Chinese Mickey D's. When he can't make it to one of those places, he sticks with rice and fresh fruit. Even Mr. Dixon, who speaks some Chinese and is fairly well assimilated, tries to avoid local cuisine. "They eat too much weird stuff," he says, noting that he follows the lead of a Muslim teammate at team meals because he won't eat dog.
Of interest only to the MZA, and he may not be all that interested. England whitewashed (brownwashed?) India in cricket, 4-0, to become the #1 ranked side in the world. While it's not all that impressive considering that only 10 countries play test cricket and only 4 or 5 of those play it well, the trophy is even worse. The #1 test team receives a ceremonial Mace. 

A Ma$e trophy would have been much hotter, as I present to you below. Lest you jest, both Frownie and Kanye rank Ma$e as one of the dopest rappers ever.