Friday, September 30, 2011

Manchester United's David de Gea-----Donut Thief!

Weird story, up at EPL Talk.

That Certain Henchman Look: Tony Hawk and the ill German (Russian) Henchman from Die Hard Alexander Godunov

 Tony Hawk (brah), with that Robocop-esque forehead, the glazed blonde hair fluffing out in the back. Looks like that type-ill Henchman from "Die Hard."
Alexander Godunov who had that "look." Stole the show in Die Hard, and was in "The Money Pit," which is Peter Griffin's famous and righteous response to his family's harping on him for hating on "The Godfather." Godunov passed before his time in 1995. A blonde-beefy  showdown with Dolph Lundgren will sadly never happen. His epitaph reportedly reads, "His future remained in the past." What does it mean?? A fan of Gatsby perhaps.
sandra bullock?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's Not Just Football...

"How many times do I have to tell you, IT'S NOT JUST FOOTBALL!! Now would you please get outta my room. I already told you I sent my resume to Uncle Frank last week, GOSH!"

Carlos Tevez Image for EPL Talk

And yes, that is a hair in the scanner and not artistic flourish.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Finn McCool's Irish Breakfast Sandwich at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market

On Saturday night I went to go see UFO. Took the bus down Santa Monica from the Strip only to be greeted by the sad sight of my local Taco Bell/Pizza Hut, closed as Prodigy's heart.
I made up for it the next morning with this monstrosity, the 'Irish Breakfast Sandwich' slanged by local pub Finn McCool's at the Santa Monica Sunday morning farmer's market.

That's right. Scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, thick sausage, crispy potatoes, all slathered in HP Brown Sauce. Apologies to the Miz for not hitting this up when you were in town a few months ago. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Why Cook? Why Drive? Why do anything????????????

And then they taunt you with that dine-in deal.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

What Price, Victory?

"It's a great day in Syracuse... It's a great day for New York."

-Nancy Cantor, Syracuse Chancellor

That sound you didn't hear was the collective shoulder shrug from New York. Sensing the consolidation of college football into a four-conference "Super 64" (brought to you by Nintendo, what a marketing opportunity! I'm too young to make a Commodore joke), Pittsburgh and Syracuse, former bulwarks of the Big East conference jumped ship south of the Mason-Dixon line to the greener (?) pastures of the ACC. The Orange and the Panthers, powerhouses in Big East hoops and also-rans (former) and quasi-contenders (latter) on the gridiron, will join Boston College, Virginia Tech and the U (we don't need to go there) as Big East defectors to the ACC, swelling the league to a robust fourteen (and growing) football programs.

Remember the hubbub about the ACC's pursuit of twelve teams for a conference championship game? You also remember the swaths of empty seats in Tampa every year for the epic VT-BC clashes? What "intrigue" will two middling programs (despite the decent NFL talent Pitt provides) add to a conference where football always played second fiddle to basketball?

Syracuse and Pitt have been perennial flag-bearers for Big East hoops, along with UConn and Louisville at the first tier. Now, they will fight for the scraps Duke and UNC leave from their throne on tobacco road. They can kiss whatever exposure they had at New York City from games at Madison Square Garden (from Johnnies games and the Big East tournament) goodbye, and apparently will be treated as "bridge(s to) the geographic gap between Boston College and the rest of the conference." I'm not sure the Carrier Dome will be packed for tilts with Wake Forest and NC State.

So when the gerrymandering and posturing is done, college football will have its 64 teams lined up neatly in four conferences, setting up championship games and de facto playoffs. Somehow, college basketball will get taken along for the ride, as the Big East will shrink (almost poetically) back into a band of Catholic schools (a reminder how ridiculous it is BC left to play games in the sunny and Protestant Bible Belt, I wish the Vatican would send them a reprimand) while the ACC becomes an unwieldly blob dominated by the states of Florida and North Carolina somehow trying to get eyeballs in the Northeast.

I'd be remiss not mentioning the odd relocation of TCU to the Big East, along with the possibility of Big XII leftovers Baylor, Iowa State and even Kansas (which would certainly boost the conference's basketball resume). The Big East, like the ACC, is also guilty of betraying their regional boundaries by already having outposts in Wisconsin (Marquette) and Illinois (DePaul). The unsavory world of tenuous conference affiliation made me think of a few questions.

The BCS can have its Super 64, but why do those member conferences also dictate basketball alignment? Why not let schools have multiple memberships? What have Kansas, Kentucky or Duke done to claim membership to BCS AQ conferences? Hell I can include UNC, whose only contribution to football the last 30 years has been LT. Why does the SEC outside of Kentucky bother to play hoops? The 64 best football programs (including Boise State and TCU) in America should play for BCS glory; the major hoops conferences should include teams that take basketball seriously. The four conference structure in a Super 64 would preserve regional rivalries pretty well, though schedules would still be diluted by the larger sizes.

This way Big East can remain the Northeast's hub for hoops (BC, Pitt, Syracuse restored, trim the fat west of Pitt) without being compromised by football poachings from the ACC. Kentucky and Kansas could form pretty nice conference of their own along with other decent programs in the middle of the country. This won't happen, and the only solace I can take from this debacle will be the possible swiping of FSU by the SEC, rendering the ACC to a football conference of VT on top of a pile of crap, including the U, for a long time.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

15 Years Since Tupac's Supposed "Death;" L.A. Weekly Answers the Important Questions like What Would Tupac Eat? (W.W.T.E.)

L.A. Weekly (Village Voice's superior west coast cuzin) gets first-hand accounts from Shock G and Steele on what Tupac liked to eat.

And no reminisce on the One True Fallen G is complete without Ego Trip's classic 12 Pieces of Proof:

1. Photographs were never released of 2Pac in the hospital in Las Vegas after the reported “shooting.”
2. Despite a plethora of lyrics in which he rhymes about being “buried” upon his demise, 2Pac’s body was allegedly “cremated” the day after his “death.” Funeral services were canceled in both Los Angeles and Atlanta, and there was no viewing of his body.
3. In the video for the song, “I ­Ain’t Mad At Cha” (Death Row, 1996), released shortly after his “death,” 2Pac is presciently portrayed as an angel in heaven, thus suggesting that when he created the video he had already planned to stage his own “demise.”
4. For Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory (Death Row, 1996), released two months after his “death,” 2Pac adopted the alias Makaveli in homage to Niccolo Machiavelli, the late-15th ­century/early-16th century Italian political philosopher. Machiavelli’s treatise, The Prince, advocates the faking of one’s own death as a means of combating one’s enemies.
5. The title, The 7 Day Theory, reflects the chronology of ’Pac’s staged “death.” 2Pac was “shot” on September 7, and survived on the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and “died” on the 13th.
6. At the conclusion of The 7 Day Theory, 2Pac is shot dead, also foreshadowing his own real-­life “assassination.”
7. In the video for “To Live & Die In L.A.” (Death Row, 1996), 2Pac is wearing the newest edition of the Nike Air Jordans. However, the shoes were not released by Nike until November—two months after his “death” in September. Also, in the video for “Toss It Up” (Death Row, 1996), 2Pac sports a pair of Penny Hardaway sneakers which were also not available until after the time of his “death.”
8. In the photograph for the ad promoting Fatal’s In The Line Of Fire (Relativity, 1998), Fatal and 2Pac are seen hugging in an unspecified location that resembles an exotic locale (perhaps Cuba), thus supporting the theory that 2Pac is in exile.
9. On 2Pac’s Greatest Hits (Death Row, 1998), ’Pac states, “Rest in peace to my nigga, Biggie Smalls,” at the opening of “God Bless The Dead.” 2Pac, however, was supposedly “murdered” six months before The Notorious B.I.G.’s death.
10. Bay Area rapper Richie Rich’s Seasoned Veteran (Def Jam, 1996), was released on the same day as The 7 Day Theory. On the 2Pac duet, “Niggas Done Changed,” 2Pac rhymes, “I’ve been shot and murdered/ ­Can’t tell you how it happened word for word/ But best believe that niggas gonna get what they deserve.” These lyrics suggest that 2Pac had planned his “death” to occur by the time of Seasoned Veteran’s release.
11. Bone Thugs-­N-­Harmony’s The Art Of War (Relativity, 1997) features a 2Pac duet entitled “Thug Luv.” At the conclusion of Bizzy Bone’s verse (1:15 into the song), his voice can be heard in the background chanting, “He’s alive, he’s alive, he’s alive.”
12. Real niggas ­don’t die.

-Woop-Woop- That's the Sound of (Grammar) Police: At Arizona State You Too Can Live Life To It Is Fullest

Peep the tattoo, sunn.
via uniwatch

Monday, September 12, 2011

Football, Amurica, JetsJetsJets, etc.

two from the vaults to sum up yesterday's action swathed in false patriotism. Anybody else feel healed by the first responder caps and sports action?

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Why We Are Fat: Taco Bell $5 Box Versus a Bento Box aka America is Dying Slowly

Hey, I ate Taco Bell twice this past weekend.

I aint hatin', I'm just sayin'.

Two Recent Soccer Photoshops, Two Recent England Wins

England 3-Bulgaria 0
England 1-Wales 0
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