Wednesday, September 01, 2010

My name is Drago. I'm a fighter from the Soviet Union. I fight all my life and I never lose. soon I fight Rocky Balboa, and the world will see his defeat. Soon, the whole world will know my name; Also Scenes From Venice Handball.

Drago Restaurant in Santa Monica.
FINally saw The Expendables........I guess I built it up too much in my head, it could never live up to my expectations. Arnold ruled, Dolph ruled, Stone Cold ruled, Stallone ruled. But Eric Roberts sucked and, ahhh, it just wasn't fun enough. 
Saturday played 2 hours of intense American Handball against the Mexican Mister Miyagi pictured below. My man B-Town and myself lost a close first game, then beat him the next two. There's no big mystery to American Handball, especially the California 3-wall version. A savvy veteran like Mexican Mister Miyagi barely has to move if he's mastered hitting the ball in the right spot to glance off one of the side walls.  It's still fun but doesn't compare to Chinese. American Handball is like a bean-n-cheese burreetz, satisfying as mere sustenance, but Chinese Handball is like a chile relleno burrito--art.
 Dignity. This dog's owner has robbed him of it.
 This truck's grill is why They hate our freedom.
Aint nothing wrong with this tho;
Finally, Sunday was a big day, won the Chinese Handball Championship Belt back, convincingly, 9-4.