Friday, January 29, 2010

Gary Coleman Arrested; What Would Inspectah Deck Say?

Full props & pounds to Ego Trip for using the same line in one of their classic ads back in the day.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Coachie!

Lawman Segal Out for Revenge, Donuts

After a hard day of work reading other people's emails, i sought to re-imagine my legal career via Steven Segal's new show, Lawman. While I can get usually my crime fix from MSNBC's "Lockup Raw: Blasted in the Ass by The Really Bad Guys in Indiana State Prison", A&E comes through with the goods on such shows as "The First 48", where hard nosed detectives acquire murder confessions from tweens duly misinformed of their Miranda rights, (by cop shows, natch) and appeals to "do the right thing" regardless of all the wrong that the system has done to them. But outrage soon overtook the gentle dreams that were hovering just out of reach.

When we are introduced to the Lawman, Segal is dressed in full cop regalia with high impact sunglasses, his jowls oozing over his collar. He and about ten cops in unnecessary SUV's drive by some people in the projects. They say "looks like some drug activity going on" (looks like friendly pounds to me) and promptly pull up, flash their lights, declare they smell weed, and cuff a young dunny while hurling harsh accusations. Said dunny gives a false name (the greatest offense of the night) and this predictably angers a cop. Then they look around and see his car nearby. They declare they smell weed and claim they see residue. They search the car throughly, and when they can't open the trunk, they call in a canine, which finds nothing as well. I would imagine a nice apology is in order for the blatant profiling, but instead, they get Lawman all over the innocent kid. They take the poor dood in for an unpaid parking ticket, but with the ominous voiceover music and b&w shots, you'd think he's gettin life. Segal doesn't try to defend the underdog, as his movie personna often does, instead murmuring assent to agressive tactics on innocents and confirming to excited arrestees that he is indeed, Segal. What's next, arresting the cast of the Jersey Shore for aggravated carb use, Bro?

R.I.P. Creepy Lady from Poltergeist.

Zelda Rubenstein, the creepy lady from Poltergeist, has passed away. She was also an early fighter for Aids awareness, featuring in a series of in-your-face ads like the one to the left.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

3 Unsurprising Headlines

MetsBlog - John Smoltz Leaning Towards Cardinals
(why would a rational 43-year-old who has already made over $135 million choose the dysfunctional Mets over a clear playoff contender with one of the best pitching coaches in baseball?)

FoxSports - Mets' Problems Go Deeper Than GM Minaya
(the Mets are close to surpassing the Knicks as the worst-run organization in New York. Speaking of the Dolans...)

New York Observer - After Three Months, Only 35 Subscriptions for Newsday's Web Site
(actually, this is surprising - what could have possibly motivated these 35 people to pay for the Newsday website?)

Black and White Photography Master Don McCullin

Not much of a topical hook, but continuing yesterday's theme of incredible photographs here is some of the work of Don McCullin. McCullin is most famous for his war photographs, from Vietnam and from the Middle East in the 1970s. An interesting factoid is that he used very basic equipment, a Nikon 35mm camera, and avoided using a flash, which makes his black and white images all the more powerful.

Ominous Foreshadowing a la Tupac?
A gang named the Guv'nors. 

Why OPC needed to build Delta City.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Robinho Leaving Man City for Santos; May Play Against Red Bull New York in New Jersey in March

Got a column up at EPL Talk discussing Robinho's potential move home to Santos in Brazil. Interestingy, Santos is scheduled to play Red Bull New York in March in the opening game of their new stadium in Harrison, New Jersey.

Elegantly Wasted; Photos of Famous Alcoholic Writers

Life Magazine soldiers on in internet form, and remains incredibly valuable for its archives. They began, somewhat recently, to organize some of their photos into interesting sets. One such set is this collection of photos of famous writers who drank famous amounts of booze and tossed off delicious quotes such as "[toss your] balls to the sea.....if you have any balls left," and "[t]o smoke opium is to get off the train while it is still moving." Enjoy.

Monday, January 25, 2010

South Beach Loses Out On Jets Fans Coming to the Super Bowl; also, From West Ham United to West Ham Olympic?

You won't get any expert analysis here. Seemed like the Colts TD at the end of the half was the turning point. Had the chance to go into the half up 17-6. Super bummer. And super bummer for recession-batterered Miami-area restaurants and clubs which no doubt would have preferred an infusion of New York/New Jerz play money rather than a bunch of Hoosiers. Not saying Hoosiers don't party, but bro, let's just say, they don't walk into a club and kill it. 
And while I was rooting for the Saints in the afternoon-cap, that pass interference call in OT was complete nonsense. Forget whether the ball was catchable or not, the dude tripped over himself. Sudden-Death OT is meaningless if a bad call puts a team in figgie pudding range. Hopefully this game becomes the impetus for OT rule changes, at least in the playoffs. Let the opposing team at least get a touch.

Got a piece up at EPL Talk about the new owners of West Ham United and their ambitious plans.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gametime Snaxx

Hariyali Chicken -- the leafy greens will go well with the Jets jerseys. Beware, eatching too much of this is entirely possible, and could leave you looking like Rex Ryan.

serves 4-6 (prep time 15 minutes, marinate time 3-4 hours, cook time 20 mintes)
approx. 1 lb boneless chicken breast (for veggies, firm tofu would work really well here too)
4 tbsp oil
1 cup yogurt (use Greek yogurt to save time on draining)
1 tbsp finely chopped garlic
1 tbsp finely chopped ginger
1 cup chopped spinach
1 cup chopped methi (fenugreek leaves, can eliminate if hard to find, but provide a bitter zing to the sweetness of the spinach)
chopped green chiles to taste
salt/pepper to taste

Wrap in yogurt in cheesecloth and drain for an hour (or use greek yog).
Rinse and dry chicken.
Prick with fork and cut into bite sized cubes.
Chop the garlic, ginger, spinach, methi and chiles and combine to a paste.
Mix paste, yogurt and chicken and marinate for 3-4 hours.
Get oil in pan to high heat, and add chicken. Once browned, reduce heat and cook until tender and done.
Serve with lemon wedges.

The green is for J-E-T-S!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Poll: Should Manchester United Have Kept Carlos Tevez?

Got a column up at EPL Talk asking that question.

Also, Gary Matthews, Jr.!!! -phew- Ok, now I'm sure we can all feel good about the Mets this year. Think he'll fit in just fine with this anemic lineup.

The NBA Should Let Both Teams Wear Colored Jerseys During Games

"My colors, my honor, my colors, my all
With my colors upon me one soldier stands tall"

Thursday night's Haves-Fake Show tilt was thoroughly entertaining; capped by a Charles-Smith-esque-sequence where LeG.O.D.D. stuffed Pau "Mr. Uglyman" Gasol, Gasol went up again and got stuffed by Sideshow Bob. The ball fell to Shaq who gave the quick outlet to LBJ. LBJ raced upcourt, paused at the arch, then blasted past three defenders for the layup. Ballgames.

Making the game more of a joy to watch was the visual contrast between the Haves' faux-throwback wine-colored jerseys with the 80's wordmark up against the now-diluted-but-still-classic Fake Show yellow. Compare the 80's Lakers jersey with the current edition. The side-stripes add only clutter while robbing the power of all-yellow. Plus they took away a cool number font. Meanwhile, the Haves, like the Mets, seem to have 15 different jerseys. But unlike the Mets, almost all their jerseys look good.

NBA teams are visually associated with strong colors. Celtic green. Laker yellow-and-purple. Chicago red. Knick blue-and-orange. Warrior blue-and-yellow (well, at least what they used to be and what they should be). Spur black. Hornet teal.  Philly red-white-and-blue. Sonic green-and-yellow (-sigh-).

The Association should embrace their colors and allow both teams to wear colored jerseys during games. Imagine the Celtics in green going up against the Knicks in blue. The Bulls in red going up agasint the Pistons in blue. The Suns in orange going up against the Spurs in black. The Magic in teal going up against the Heat in red.

The notion that the home team wear white and the road team wear colors dates back to black-and-white tvs. I think we can tell which team is which nowadays. White jerseys are a bore, at least in the NBA. Think about jersey sales, how many people to you see walking around in NBA replica whites? Exactly. The Lakers, with their home yellow, had the right idea all along. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Potential Oscar Nominee Mo'Nique's Hairy Legs

Fitty asked "How we gwon eat, man?" We aint, not after seeing this picture. Mo'nique may host a fine show on BET and may cop an Oscar for her role in "Precious," and she may be repping strong for real-looking women, but, pleez, shave or cover. Proppps to the Daily Mail for this scoop. Of course, some mens are down for that kinda thing. Just ask Barry Badrinath in "Beer Fest," "C'mon, I knew it the whole time!"

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bengie Molina's Contract Negotiation?

So the Mets offer two years and ten million dollars and Bengie demands three. Then he takes a one year deal from the Giants for less than five? Like his value will go up next year? Or does that put a value on not participating in the Coupon Family Three Ring Circus?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Stop me if you've heard this before

Rookie coach, rookie quarterback, breakout rookie tailback and stout defense carries upstart team to two road wins and a surprise appearance in the AFC Championship Game. Each team beat a flawed division champion in the wild card round before knocking out a conference heavyweight.

Of course, the magic ride ended for the Ravens last year in a solid -re: near cover- effort at Pittsburgh, and the Jets face the daunting task of knocking off the generation's best quarterback at his home barn. The only edge the Jets can cling to is the looming sense of dread that accompanies the Indianapolis fans and team at every playoff game: the ghosts of the Steelers, Patriots & Chargers linger even in the new building, and the keeping-the-Jets-alive-in-Week-16 angle has to gnaw on the spirit of the team. But there's no disputing the talent levels of both teams, unless Rex Ryan can concoct more and more complex blitzes while Jim Caldwell stares into Bolivian during the week.

One note about the franchise-altering tilt in San Diego: is there any sport in America -cannot speak for football overseas, but maybe this applies- that features such a direct link between the temperament of the coach and performance of the team? A baseball manager writes a lineup and pulls a tired pitcher. A hockey coach yells for shift changes. A basketball coach can psych out his own players, but a five-on-five game can be controlled by superior talent. But the vibes of a football coach are directly transferred to his players on the field, and there's no doubt the Chargers played like Norv, an impatient playcaller who loses his cool and never seems to come up with right play at the right time.

The Most Beautiful Stadium in the World

 Faroe Islands above, Portugal below

Big Uppps to This Blog Rules for compiling a list of the world's weirdest, and most scenic, stadiums.
Maybe New Shea should have been built as a floating barge that could be towed out to deep sea once the team starts sucking in August.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What Would Mangini Eat?

Mangini Dreamz.

I have a proclivity for rather strange dreams about the sporting world, like the one where I was pulled hastily from my job tending gardens to deliver the eulogy for my best pal, Sidney Ponson.

This Sunday morning I awoke around 7AM with a sudden start and in a cold sweat. The last I remember I was reading a "Jets Confidential" column in the Post which reported, "Now we can reveal Mangini's favorite sandwiches to order from Subway. Mangini was such a regular that he had unique code-names for his favorites. Mangini would order a 'Baps' which was a combo-footlong, with one-half being every lunch meat on the menu cooked until crispy and the other half being simple meatballs marinara. Mangini's other fave was 'Two Franks Wrapped Around A Frank' which was two Italian sausages split open and wrapped around a sausage marinara sandwich."

Now I can't go back to sleep.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Man Who Killed Elvis Presley?

The UK's Daily Mail is a newspaper that gets the internet. Their website is easy to navigate and bursting with incredible, high-resolution photography. Content-wise, its American equivalent is the New York Post. The Post's website is amongst the worst out there. Part of it is Rupert Murdoch's general anti-internet philosophy. Rightly or wrongly, Murdoch doesn't believe that news content should be given out for free. His flagship paper, The Times, also has an awful website. Seattle-Seahawk-lime-green is not a good dominant color for a site. Still, no newspaper site has figured out how to place a graphically pleasing advertising skin over articles, a problem papers should have figured out five years ago.

Before I bore everyone with yet another rant on the future of newspapers, here's a typically great Daily Mail article about Elvis' drug doctor, who may or may not be responsible for Elvis' death. Some shocking revelations, including the fact that Elvis may have used liquid cocaine to cure a sore throat. Most newspapers wouldn't bother with one picture to accompany an online article, the Mail blesses us with 8. They get it. An article on Fat Elvis should show Fat Elvis. Enjoy.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New York Mets, A.K.A. Clippers East

The only thing missing is a racist landlord owner, but who knows what skeletons the Coupons have in their real estate closet. Funny thing is both teams had their heydays this decade around the same time in 2006, but have returned to punchline status now. As the injuries mount, the names start to blur together: Livingston, Reyes, Griffin, Beltran, etc. At least the Mets own their crappy, depressing venue opposed to the Paper Clips' renter status at the Office Supply Center.

Rest assured, Beltran's injury will not deter me from pounding the Mets' under, because that's just the tip of the iceberg. I just hope both the Knicks and Rangers can make some noise in April in order to make the Mets totally and deservedly irrelevant.

Adidas Review By a Pal on ESPN

A friend of ours has another review up at ESPN's Soccernet.

Monday, January 11, 2010

News Flash: Mark McGwire Admits to Using Steroids, Only Person He Owes Apology to is Mark McGwire.

I feel bad for Mark McGwire. I honestly do. Mark McGwire does not owe us an apology. He should not have to go through what he is going through right now. The only person McGwire owes an apology to is Jose Canseco, in fact, the entire sporting media needs to apologize to Canseco, who was right all along. (it was earth)

On the other hand, Congress owes us an apology for wasting time and money holding hearings on steroids in baseball. A trip down the aisle of a local GNC would have been more productive towards discovering what modern training is about. It was shameful to see members of the sporting media bash players like McGwire and Rafael Palmiero for failing to divulge steroid use during Congressional hearings, forgeting, or ignorant of the fact, that many of their own media forebearers were victims of 1950s Red-hunting. Still waiting for a major media outlet, say a Sports Illustrated, an ESPN or a New York Times, do to an investigative piece on steroid use in the NFL or to at least opine strongly on the issue.

Which is not to say that I am against steroid use. I think the media has painted too simplistic a picture of "juicing." Many products that were sold in over-the-counter in stores like GNC as recently as the late 90s are now banned in pro sports. Hell, the Extreme Ripped Force I guzzled senior year, which helped me touch rim for the only period in my life, is now off the market because of the ephedrine it contained.

We all knew McGwire was supplementing his workouts with more than prayers and vitamins as he chased Maris' record. To demand that athletes play clean is to pretend that there is a idea of what clean is. Anything legal or FDA approved should be allowed, as Andro and HGH were.

On a somewhat related note, Mike Vacarro of the NY Post wrote a few weeks back that McGwire merits Hall of Fame inclusion. To me, it's a joke. McGwire was a one-dimensional player, Canseco was better.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rex, & Jets Eat Up Cincy's Chili & Bengwads, Respectively

The confetti, fireworks and chili were all prepared by Mayor Bengwad's office in anticipation of his his fair city's football team's first playoff win since 1991. Unfortunately, he never foresaw his coach burning timeouts like napkins in a chili-eating contest and his quarterback overthrowing balls like someone put chili in his jockstr- I apologize, that's enough chili references for a month. Cedric Benson did his damnedest to keep his team in the game, but it was the Jets' offense that set the tone for the game with brilliantly designed and called plays by offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer -no doubt a good resume game to use for any future interviews- and execution from New York's offensive line, and young guns Shonn Greene, Dustin Keller and of course, Mark -eff you Pete Carroll- Sanchez. The defense did just enough to make life difficult for Mr. Ochocinco and old pal Laveranues Coles. Oh well, at least Rex can clean up all that extra chili Mayor Bengwad set up.

While no one should be throwing parades back here for a Jet squad that outplayed a flawed and peaked-too-early Bengal team, road playoff wins are still special -despite their frequency these days- building blocks for a young team and coach. Now Rex Ryan has to stay up all week matching up against a loaded Charger unit that is lethal passing the ball but won't be nearly as intimidating on the ground: Benson was much more threatening than a washed-up LaDainian Tomlinson and pesky Darren Sproles. That said, Philip Rivers is miles ahead of Carson Palmer, and can carve up any defense. But it's house money now. BRING IT ON!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Juwan Howard is Alive, Well, Starting for the Portland Trailblazers and just dunked over Chris Kaman

This one's for Eric Montross.
I don't believe what my eyes just saw.

Earlier this year I was slightly surprised and somewhat happy to see that Juwan Howard is still ballin in the NBA. Howard is a link to one of my favorite teams as a wee coachie, Michigan's Fab Five. Me and half the country.

Injuries to Greg "Alas, Once-Mighty Thor, You Have Failed Me, Your All-Knowing Father," Oden and Joel "Thrilla in" Przybilla have forced Howard into the starting role. Maybe. Fuck if I know the ins and outs of the Blaze roster, maybe this was the plan all along.

Which brings me to last Monday night's game, a mildly entertaining tilt between the Rip City Blaze and the Paper Clips fromt the Office Supplies Center (thanks Peter Vescey!) got a jolt of Juwan late in the first half when Howard reached back through the decades to fucking throw it down over Chris "It's Not O-" Kaman. Seriously, please beleee me, see for yourself.

BCS Title Game Between Texas and Alabama was boring; further proof that America needs college football playoffs

Well now, that wasn't so much fun was it? True, it got exciting there at the end, but 'twas mostly a snoozefest of sloppy play, dropsies and turnovers. Although who doesn't love a good bit o' ballhawkin'?

Would the game not have been as sloppy had they not had a month off? True, the absence of Colt McCoy changed everything, but it wasn't like 'Bama super-impressed. Here are the scores of the title games dating back to 1998.

2009: Bama 37-Texas 21
2008: Gators 24-OK 14
2007: LSU 38-Bucknuts 24
2006: Gators 41-Bucknuts 14
2005: Texas 41-USC 38
2004: USC 55-OK 19
2003: LSU 21-OK 14
2002: Bucknuts 31-Tha UUUUUUU 24 (2OT)
2001: Tha UUUUUUU 37, 'Brasky 14
2000: OK 13-Seminoles 2
1999: Seminoles 46-Va Tech 29
1998: Tenn 23-Seminoles 16

The two memorable games were the Vince Young epic and the Maurice Clarett epic, with special mention for Michael Vick putting on a show in their loss to the Seminoles. Would playoffs keep teams sharp and ready to play in a title game? Perhaps. Just one more thing we'll never know as long as the Sea-Doo dreaming maniacs are in charge of college football.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock Is Either Ignorant, Lying, Scared, or Dumb; Also, a College Football Playoffs Bracket Proposal

If the powers that be wanted to keep the Top Four Bowls separate, then they could spread Round 1 solely amongst them, creating double-dips like this year's Rose Bowl.
While the BCS Championship tonight at the Rose Bowl features two great teams, popular opinion seems to reside in favor of a playoff system. Raise your hand if you watched Georgia Tech and Iowa battle in the Orange Bowl, didn't attend either school AND had no money on the game. Hmph. To say nothing of, say, the Liberty Bowl (Arkansas over Eastern Carolina fool).

Yet the folks in charge continue to shove drivel down our throats. I saved a telling interview with Bill Hancock, BCS Executive Director, done by Dan Patrick in the Nov. 30, 2009 issue of Sports Illustrated because his answers were so galling.

Dan Patrick: Which season finishes better-college football or college basketball?
Bill Hancock: College football wins in six overtimes.
DP: Why do you say that?
BH: Because so many teams celebrate at the end. So many teams have such great experiences with the bowl games. It's an awesome thing. We need to keep that.

Somehow these bowls have survived for decades despite featuring middle-of-the-road teams, fails to answer how rearranging the top tier bowls, the Orange, Fiesta, Rose and Sugar into semi-finals and a final would affect the lesser bowls. Thankfully, Dan Patrick stays on target...

DP: But we can keep the bowls. Why not have a Final Four where three of the bowls determine the national champion?
A very fair question, watch Bill Hancock respond with the kind of gibberish which makes you either question his very sanity or want to huff what he's huffing.

BH: You know, I hear you, Dan, but the fact is, the bowl experience would not be the same. Great example: We were in Miami [getting ready for the Orange Bowl] and a Virginia Tech player injured his ankle riding his riding a Jet Ski. [Another time in Miami] an NFL team came in for a playoff game. They arrived on Saturday night, had their dinner, got up the next morning, played and went home. We've got college students at the beach for a week riding Jet Skis in our bowl system; on the other hand, you've got these NFL players there for 11 hours, playing the game and going home. Our experience is a lifetime experience, and it's much better.

The current system of meaningless postgame exhibitions must be preserved because our players are riding Jet Skis! JET SKIS!!! If we had a playoff system there would be no jet skis. But Bill, what if I told you that under a playoff system these young men could be zipping along in SEA DOOS? Also, I don't think that the fine young men who took part in the recent Humanitarian Bowl in Boise, Idaho got to ride Jet Skis.

DP: If you had a playoff over the Christmas holidays (ed note, there is holidays should be singular, unless he is referring to Armenian Christmas), you could preserve the smaller bowls and make some of the other bowls more meaningful. And you'd own the month of December. Why not do that?
BH: The problem with a playoff is who, what, when, where.

Aggghhhh, my brain hurts, so many questions! Four questions! So difficult So, so fwustating. Ok, let's see. Who? The top eight times. What? Thee Album. When? Round 1, the weekend before Christmas. Round 2 aka the Final Four, the next weekend around New Year's. Round 3 aka the Final, the first Thursday of the year, same as the BCS Title Game. And look, no class time missed! Where? Use the current top tier bowls, the Orange, Fiesta, Rose and Sugar and rotate Rounds 2 and 3 amongst them. Use Round 1 to spread the wealth to some of the lesser bowls such as the Cotton, the Peach, the Holiday and the Gator. Or use the top tiers again in Round 1.
DP: Let's say Cincy goes undefeated (Or Boise State or Auburn a few years ago or any number of examples). What do you say to the Bearcats when they don't get to play for the national championship?
BH: I was the director of the Final Four for 13 years, and I would say to Cincinnati the same thing I always said to coaches who were left out of the tournament or got a bad seed: "You guys had a great season, and you're to be congratulated for it."
This is why I'm not a reporter, at this point in the interview I would have reached across the table and give him a wedgie or fart over the phone. This man is not to be taken seriously nor afforded any respect.
DP: Yeah, but you don't make it in a field of 65, you have yourself to blame. An undefeated team is not going to miss the tournament. If you have a team like Cincy or TCU go undefeated and not play for the title, that's a flawed system.
BH: The problem you have is, What kind of a playoff? If you have six undefeated teams and a four-team playoff, two teams are going to be very disappointed. I'm just not sure-no, I know-we wouldn't gain much by going to a playoff.

Strikes me as the kinda guy who woulda told Kennedy, "The Moon??? Man, that's really far. Ugh, no thanks, our handy interstate system means that I can get from Gary, Indiana to Chicago in about an hour! And, besides, there's no Jet Skis on the moon." As usual, follow the money. It's about short cheese versus long. They're making money now. They would make untold amounts more with a playoff system, but they're scared of risking the guaranteed yellow cheese product they have now even though there's gouda out there. And as usual, it's not about the student athletes, the kids at programs shut out of the Top Two who deserve a shot at eternal glory, it's about keeping money in the pockets of bowl sponsors. Frankly, it's gross. And Bill Hancock should be ashamed of the words he's uttered, Dan Patrick raised good point after good point, and rather than engage in an adult conversation, Hancock talks about Jet Skis. That's all we need to know about the BCS side of the argument.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell in Jimmy Tango's Fatbusters, a lost Saturday Night Live Classic

Yes, there was a time, a loooong time ago, when Jim Carrey was actually funny. And it's kinda touching to look back and see the genesis of Will Ferrell's act of yelling nonsense. A long lost classic reclaimed from the either.

Now, if only we could get our grubby mitts on Will Farrell's second skit as Robert Goulet, "reeed ships of Spaaaaaain."

Monday, January 04, 2010

White Bengal Sighting?

Much to coachie's and frowner's chagrin, the Cincinnati Bengals didn't feel like competing last night and waved the white flag so violently that they resembled cousins with recessive genes. While the Bengal defense played an extremely vanilla game -no blitzes or exotic looks, why were so many runs made up the middle in the first half? And why did no Cincy receiver beside Coles show up? Do they realize it'll be cold and unpleasant on the field for their rematch? And was there any doubt a matchup of a possession receiver and shutdown corner eight years his junior would be a mismatch?