Friday, January 08, 2010

BCS Title Game Between Texas and Alabama was boring; further proof that America needs college football playoffs

Well now, that wasn't so much fun was it? True, it got exciting there at the end, but 'twas mostly a snoozefest of sloppy play, dropsies and turnovers. Although who doesn't love a good bit o' ballhawkin'?

Would the game not have been as sloppy had they not had a month off? True, the absence of Colt McCoy changed everything, but it wasn't like 'Bama super-impressed. Here are the scores of the title games dating back to 1998.

2009: Bama 37-Texas 21
2008: Gators 24-OK 14
2007: LSU 38-Bucknuts 24
2006: Gators 41-Bucknuts 14
2005: Texas 41-USC 38
2004: USC 55-OK 19
2003: LSU 21-OK 14
2002: Bucknuts 31-Tha UUUUUUU 24 (2OT)
2001: Tha UUUUUUU 37, 'Brasky 14
2000: OK 13-Seminoles 2
1999: Seminoles 46-Va Tech 29
1998: Tenn 23-Seminoles 16

The two memorable games were the Vince Young epic and the Maurice Clarett epic, with special mention for Michael Vick putting on a show in their loss to the Seminoles. Would playoffs keep teams sharp and ready to play in a title game? Perhaps. Just one more thing we'll never know as long as the Sea-Doo dreaming maniacs are in charge of college football.

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