Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Facing his Waterloo?

Mangini abdiquant à Cleveland
(Mangini abdicating at Cleveland)

Wellington at Cleveland

With both national and local media banding together like English and Prussian forces at Waterloo, is Mangini facing his last stand at Cleveland Browns Stadium? Can Marvin Lewis and the Cincinnati Bengwads finish off Napoleon Mangini's return from exile? Or will newly promoted field general Derek Anderson fend off the assault and keep Mangini's clandestine regime intact? Tune in this Sunday, 1 PM on CBS!

When's the last straw?

Fred Coupon: Is it Jeff Wilpon and Omar Minaya attaching a congratulatory letter to the pitching rubber from CitiField the night Mariano Rivera got his 500th career save?

Make no mistake, I WILL get ejected from this Sunday's home finale.

Biz: or wheeled off in the Madden ambulance.

I might as well just set up a google news alert right now.

Fred Coupon: another insult:

What happened to the 45 cent tickets? This is a football sunday! There'll be 1500 people there!

Biz: why would a pepsi porch seat cost $125?

Bryan: It comes with a Pepsi


Time to cheer ourselves up, and what better way than to relive the magic of Frank Wycheck, Music City Miracle Worker and fantasy stud tight end?

Taste of Leather

Had the super-sexy photoshop of Rex and Sanchez posted at Try to keep it in your pants upon viewing.