Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Taste of Leather

Had the super-sexy photoshop of Rex and Sanchez posted at Try to keep it in your pants upon viewing.


Bryan said...

Didn't see this until now, just sent you some commenting love. Now that I'm a Deadspin Starred Commenter®, my "name" should CARRY MAJOR WEIGHT, sexy Rexy style.

Or should Ryan be "unsexy Rexy?"

Not Ryan Cannata. He Cannata be considered.

I'm done.

Coachie Ballgames said...

A starred commenter? congrats, what with their commenting guardianship, getting inducting is as hard as getting into the skull n bones.

Bryan said...

of which I'm also a member, natch. DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO ASK JOHN KERRY