Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Facing his Waterloo?

Mangini abdiquant à Cleveland
(Mangini abdicating at Cleveland)

Wellington at Cleveland

With both national and local media banding together like English and Prussian forces at Waterloo, is Mangini facing his last stand at Cleveland Browns Stadium? Can Marvin Lewis and the Cincinnati Bengwads finish off Napoleon Mangini's return from exile? Or will newly promoted field general Derek Anderson fend off the assault and keep Mangini's clandestine regime intact? Tune in this Sunday, 1 PM on CBS!


coachie said...

What army would want to go into battle with Horseballs at the helm?

and what will get bigger ratings? the browns-bengals battle for ohio? or ohio state v. indiana?

Cleveland Frowns said...

Holy Christ that is some amazing photoshop work.

So amazing that it excuses the illogic of the premise behind it.

Anonymous said...

Great photoshop work. I'll take it. Napolean won a hell of alot more than he lost. He led the best team in the world. Go Browns.

Cleveland Frowns said...

HA....Anon, comment of the year!

Bob's Blitz said...

"My true glory is not to have won 51% of my Jets battles...Cleveland will erase the memory of so many victories. ... But...what will live forever, is my Civil Code."

Fred Coupon said...

Excellent quote, and another link between Mangini and Napoleon...ALL HAIL MANPOLEON.

P.S. everyone should check out Bob's youtube videos, especially the Mushnick one.

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