Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mad Dog "Unleashed"

Deadspin comes throo with coverage of Mad Dog's inevitable on-air meltdown.

We all knew when the Francesa-Mad Dog breakup went down who the winner would be. Francesa floats on, with the #1 sports talk show in the #1 spors market in the country. Mad Dog wallows in the numbing obscurity of satellite radio, joining my once-beloved Howard Stern in the great beyond. Notice how the whole Artie Lange bruhaha on Joe Buck's HBO show was pretty much the only Stern-related story we've heard in the mainstream since Stern fled terrestial?

At least Stern had legit reasons for fleeing, what with the FCC on its fine-inducing witchhunt. But Mad Dog, well, he broke up Hall & Oates, he broke up Sipowicz & Kelly, he broke up Lennon & McCartney, he broke up Turner & Hooch, Cloak & Dagger, he broke up Ike & Tina, well, you get the picture.

You know what they say, he who laffs last dines on Veal Francese with a Diet Coke.