Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mad Dog "Unleashed"

Deadspin comes throo with coverage of Mad Dog's inevitable on-air meltdown.

We all knew when the Francesa-Mad Dog breakup went down who the winner would be. Francesa floats on, with the #1 sports talk show in the #1 spors market in the country. Mad Dog wallows in the numbing obscurity of satellite radio, joining my once-beloved Howard Stern in the great beyond. Notice how the whole Artie Lange bruhaha on Joe Buck's HBO show was pretty much the only Stern-related story we've heard in the mainstream since Stern fled terrestial?

At least Stern had legit reasons for fleeing, what with the FCC on its fine-inducing witchhunt. But Mad Dog, well, he broke up Hall & Oates, he broke up Sipowicz & Kelly, he broke up Lennon & McCartney, he broke up Turner & Hooch, Cloak & Dagger, he broke up Ike & Tina, well, you get the picture.

You know what they say, he who laffs last dines on Veal Francese with a Diet Coke.


Fred Coupon said...

Dog was pretty contrite, at least. But we all know who fits the bill of the movie / sports guru (well except tennis) he so desperately needs. Hell, he and Mike spent several chunks of afternoons recanting films and actors. It really was the perfect pairing of know-it-all and nutcase.

I'm surprised he hasn't tabbed one of his old allies at WFAN, Marc Malussis, who has some cache in New York.

cannatar said...

Wow. The last three minutes of that YouTube clip (starting at about 6:40) are fantastic.

crickettier said...

Angry Puppy... Well at least he can fall back on rambling appearances on Letterman every three months.