Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Ainge and Thunder Dan in the same backcourt in Live 95? To quote Denzel in Virtuosity, "Game ovah."

Notre Dame AD Admits NCAA Athletics is a Business

Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick let slip this telling quote in discussing potential conference realignments, ""I've been around this business for 29 years and this is as unstable as I've ever seen it." A business with unpaid employees, what a concept!

The Pac-10 is exploring the addition of two teams, while the Big Ten is looking for its 12th member. Once at 12 teams, the Pac-10 and Big Ten could have conference championship games in football. Remember kids, we can't have a playoff in college football because adding games would rob student-athletes of school time (never mind that the playoffs would take place over Christmas/New Year's). How can they justify adding a conference championship in early December, when most schools are in finals? The mind spins.

Let's hope Ed O'Bannon is successful in his lawsuit against the NCAA for the uncompensated use of his likeness in video games.

Gael Monfils Amazing Tennis Rally and a World Record Kick to the Balls

Tennis in March? France's Gael Monfils demands and commands your attention with this absurd vertical rally.
Also, as Hans Moleman taught us in "Man Getting Hit By Football," a man getting hit in the balls is always entertaining.