Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Gael Monfils Amazing Tennis Rally and a World Record Kick to the Balls

Tennis in March? France's Gael Monfils demands and commands your attention with this absurd vertical rally.
Also, as Hans Moleman taught us in "Man Getting Hit By Football," a man getting hit in the balls is always entertaining.


Biz said...

Mr. Monfils wipes the floor with the competition in Virtua tennis 3 for xbox360. Oh. you've never been?

Also, argh, my groin.

coachie said...

wait, they still make virtua tennis? wait, they use real players in the game? wait, you played xbox? wait, you played as gael monfils? wait,

Biz said...

played it at MZA's cousin's place in San Fran in '07. Hot.