Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stickball Stickball Field; More Radio Bangers "Toot It and Boot It" and "Teach Me How to Dougie" Hey LeBron Knows What's Up

 Stallone is fucking ready to DEVOUR a ground ball. 
These shots are from this past July 4th at a very decent Manhattan yard by the United Nations that Al K. Mza's cleverly christened "Stickball Stickball Field" in honor of former UN head Boutros Boutros Ghali. My runner-up name is "The Polio Grounds," as it is FDR Drive adjacent. Mza was the deserving winner. In the game I was the deserving loser to Biz, but only cuz of walks. Walks are outdated, L.A. way all the way.
We also kept score via the IPad, it was genuinely cool and convenient. These pics should feature in an ad in some manner.
Very silly controversy over at Espn as they yanked a story about LeG.O.D.D.'s Vegas partying shortly after posting it. Can LeBron live? Can he live??? So he partied, did it up, did it up. The highlight of the story was the dance-off betwixt Bron-Bron and Lamar "I Picked the Wrong Sister" Odom. Video footage would be priceless. The story in full is here.

"Teach Me How to Dougie," by the pooooorly-named California Swag District, is currently Coachette's #1 jam, followed closely by YG's (Young G?) "Toot it and Boot it." The drum loop in "Dougie" is other-wordly hypnotic, a livened-up 3-6 style. Both jammies are 80's throwbacks, and follow the leader, last year's super-banger "You're a Jerk (I know)" by the New Boyz.

By the way, YG is not from L.A., he's from Kompton/Los Skandless.

The beauty of the 80s coming back in fashion is that, with the hindsight of 20 years, today's youth can pick-and-choose only the good bits. Sort of like how in the 70's, the 50's came back in fashion, with movies like "American Graffiti," shows like "Happy Days" and punk rockers wearing cuffed jeans, white t's and leather jackets.

In the 90's we had to endure girls wearing their hair up, rocking Timbos, baggy jeans, and hoodies. In many ways, the 90's were a pop culture wasteland. Peep the outfits YG rocks in the vid, today's youth have it better. Which flies in the face of one of Dr. Miz' most famous theories.