Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jeff Francoeur Can Go Fuck Himself

In response to being demoted to a platoon role, Jeff Francoeur is whining about his playing time and asking to be traded to a team that will play him every day.

Francoeur needs to get realistic.

Out of 27 regular RFs, Jeff Francoeur ranks dead last in OPS, wOBA, EqA, or any other measure of offensive value.
In 2009, he ranked 23rd out of 25 regular RFs.
And in 2008, he ranked last among 22 regular RFs.

Simply put, Jeff Francoeur has been the worst right fielder in baseball for the last 3 seasons by a healthy margin. Instead of complaining about playing time, he should be thanking his lucky stars (or incompetent Mets management) for getting as much playing time as he has.

Big Fucking Pelf or Fuck Big Pelf?

It was, ohhh, about 15 years ago when The Biz, The Miz and I had our infamous debate over 'za and 15 cups of soda in the back of that free refill pizza place by Stuy. The Miz argued that a young stud named Andy Pettitte would turn out better than Jason Isringhausen. -pshaw-Biz and I scoffed. We're still waiting for a good homegrown pitcher, and for that soda to finish working its way through our system.
Here's a site named The 7 line that will amuse you with Mets-themed shirts.
Here's the first image from Moneyball;