Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Beautiful Vintage Vinyl Album Covers: Dr. Hook and Smokey Robinson and Brigitte Nielsen and Barry White

Got a record player for Christmas, going to enjoy the hunt for 99-cent vinyl where mucho gems can be had, because even when the tuneskies are so-so the art always makes it worthwhile. Here are two I came across in the amazing Amoeba record store in the Haight in 'Frisco last month. Kicking myself for not copping them.

Imagine having this, vinyl-sized, and being able to resist kissing it. Impossible, no?

Peep those hands/bear paws. And peep his name in awesome 80's font over even more awesome 80's Jersey/Scarface McMansion faux-marble flooring.
 Here are two albums I came across recently while google-image searching for other schtee.
'twould make a most excellent stickball tropy no?
The album title is a sly allusion to the fact that this photo was taken moments after the band finished fucking the same chick followed by them laughing in her face. Do yourself a favor and peep one of their vids, mad dumb awesome beards all over the place.