Tuesday, March 30, 2010

David Moyes and Roberto Mancini Fight During Man City-Everton Match

Created this image to go along with a fine piece by Jesse Chula over at EPL Talk.

In looking for source material I came across this amusing vintage boxing poster. With those sublime looks on their faces they are either ready to duke it out or make out with each other.

Nets Defeat Spurs to Avoid Tying All-Time NBA Loss Record Set by the Sixers

13,000 (announced) maniacs sat in the IZOD Center and watched the Nets down the Spurs for their 10th win of the year with which the team avoided becoming the losingest team in NBA history. What a proper year it's been for the Nets, no better way to say goodbye to the Brendan Byrne/Continental Airlines/Izod Arena/Center.

Long will Coups, Biz, Boomz, and myself remember traffic-clogged treks through the Lincoln Tunnel, frigid sprints through the parking lot, tyrannical ushers enforcing rules of decorum in a half-filled arena, Sir-Slam-A-Lot, One Horse Open Tamar Slay, the very-well designed (sincerely) concourse and seating bowl (one stair case goes up and one stair case goes down versus the MSG 12 escalator Mt. Everest climb and claustrophobic hallways that seem to narrow and shorten in height, reminiscent of the ones Springfield builds for Ned Flanders).

And of course, the retired banners for Bruce Springsteen and Beppo the Clown.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Insanity Masters and Sexy People, Two Dope Pop Culture Photo Blogs

This is what the internet is best at, delivering ill photos of ill people doing ill things. Nothing like this was available before the internet, save occasional forays into the daunting stacks of the leather-bound collections of old magazines (including Playboy--but with the photos snipped) of the Mid-Manhattan Library.
Two great photo blogs for your amusement, Insanity Masters and Sexy People. (Earth People, I was Born On Jupiter). Keep on doing G.O.D.D.'s work.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Waitaminnit, This One Might Be Better

Vinsanity Jr.

Weekend Update

Tuff weekend for your boy Coachie. Got called out as "Luis Scola" on the b-ball courts on Thursday. Got whipped in handball on Saturday morning in Venice 7-3. Got whipped in stickball on Saturday afternoon in Santa Monica 5-1, then got whipped in tennis 6-0, 6-4 on Sunday morning in Marina Del Rey. Capped off by a 4-1 whipping in foosball in Simi Valley Sunday night.
Spotted in Downtown L.A. Friday Afternoon. E-Z solution to California's budget crisis, quintuple the vanity plate fees, these assholes will still pay.
Afro-Mullet? Check.
Jose Canseco-style shades circa 1988? Check.
Tight black t-shirt? Check.
Sucked-in beer gut? Check.
Shapeless K-Mart Jeans? Check.
Crisp white sneakers? Check.
Authoritative strut across the park? Check.
Yup, Dad's ready for another Little League Season.
(Spotted in Los Amig-Bro Park in Santa Monica, CA on Saturday afternoon)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Jozin z Bazin; Jesus is a Friend of Mine; Sonseed; Urvasi Urvasi, getting Rick Roll'd.

Traveling the globe for entertaining clips:
First up, from South India (possibly Sri Lankan); featuring some of the illest dancing this side of prime Michael Jackson, prime Usher and parkour:

Next up, some Czech (but possibly Slovakian) schtee reminiscent of Andy Kaufman, musty suits and mustier beards.

and finally, America's Funniest Home Video-style ska combined with some serious love for the Man Above:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. John's Season, and Anthony Mason Jr.'s career, ends in NIT loss to Memphis (Hopefully Norm Roberts gets fied too)

At least Mase, Jr. went out a-blazin; looking good with the mini-eraser head that's making a strong comeback this year with Baron Davis and Brandon Jennings leading the way.  On the free throw line needing two to tie with 30 seconds left, Anthony Mason, Jr. bricked the first. But he came right back on their next possession, banging a three from Beale Street to tie the game in Memphis. But then Wesley Witherspoon made an impossible layup, he drove the lane, went too far, threw it up as he fell out of bounds, it bounced high off the glass then off the rim then in as time expired; ending another disappointing year for St. John's and ending Anthony Mason, Jr.'s collegiate career.

The chapter should soon be closing on Head Coach Norm Roberts, who has enjoyed but two winning seasons out of six and only this year did the team reach the NIT. Many say Roberts has brought credibility back to the program. But for a Big East school with a powerful recruiting base in the area's parochial schools, making it as far as the NIT should be a given year-in-year-out. 6 years and one NIT appearance speaks for itself. Peace.

As for the NIT itself, I cannot fathom any argument to abolish it in favor of an expanded field. Frownie was there with me as we stormed the court for St. John's' 2004 NIT title. I'd rather peep my team win an NIT over bow out in the first round any day.

And now the payoff, pics of Anthony Mason, Jr. and his pops.
Damn, before young Mase shaved the dreads he looked like Weezy.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Live.........from Daryl Hall's House (but what about John Oates?)

 If you're stressed the f out, then chill the f out with Daryl Hall. The magic of his poppy voice is matched only by the magic of Internet technology that allows us to jam with him in his own him! Truth in advertising, it's called Live From Daryl's House. Mellow vibes, mellow melodies, mellow guests, mellow beaches, mellow tuneskis, everything's mellow except Daryl's hair. Aint nothing mellow about those silky strands of pure sex. Enjoy your stay, just don't go in the basement.

Meanwhile, where the fuck is Oates? Out of touch, out of time.

Monday, March 15, 2010

When Knicks-Nets Meant Something

Coach Scotty Brooks and Sam I Am watch in amazement as Coach Herbie Williams valiantly attempts to convert a finger roll. Judging by the talent on the floor, this must have been some game.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Film Footage of a Man Drinking a Beer in 1897; and Lazertits!

Now that's Old Man Beers.

Also, a great tumblr site called Lazertits. Truth in advertising. Showing the power of a clever concept, access to vintage 70's photographs, and photoshop.

Friday, March 12, 2010

New Futures Exchange Allows Investors to Invest in Movie Futures, short v long

Think "A-Team" is going to bomb? Think "Hot Tub Time Machine" will be a down-low hit? Knew all along that "Alice in Wonderland" would have the biggest opening ever? Now you can put your mozzarellll where your mouth is. Two new futures exchanges, one from Cantor Fitzgerald in NY and the other from a startup called Veriana Networks will soon debut that will allow studios to spread the risk that their movie will tank while allowing alternative forms of finance to flow into independent studios struggling to make their pictures. As reported in full by the LA Times.

Of course, what can go wrong when product producers become attenuated from the risks inherent to their business? Never get high when you got no supply.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

That's Just Not Fair.

Coachie has reminded us of the glory of Vinsanity ballin' Freddy Weiss, but here's a mystery gem- this unfortunate dude is getting kneed/mooned while Carter is in an absolutely amazing position for a dunk. How are his legs like that? How high is he (maan)?

And, um, this one just looks silly. What I wouldn't give...

Rare video footage of Babe Ruth playing baseball, also, Efforts to Map London, also subway maps

 Two amazing links in the Uniwatchblog ticker today. The first is super-rare footage of Babe Ruth getting hit by a pitch. Not sure exactly how much film exists of the Babe in action, so this is super-cool to see. Here is the link.

Also, an interesting/nerdy series in Slate magazine exploring signage and navigation in big cities. Kind of a poor start with a Penn Station piece, and then a better one on attempts to make useful maps of London for pedestrians. New York has a subway map that is also useful as a general map of NYC (despite its skewed orientation (and the flip side showing the regional train map is fantastic). Chicago's El map is somewhat useful for getting around town, but their system is relatively uncomplicated. (also, the trains are super slow). London, famously, has a post-modern tube map that is generally useless for navigating the city above. The planners are hoping that better signage will encourage more walking and thus remove stress on the tube system.

Then there is Los Angeles. Feast your eyes on the area's utterly insane bus+train map. The buses out here are actually pretty good, provided you only travel in a straight line. L.A.'s actually an easy city to navigate, what with the major boulevards running from the ocean eastward to downtown, major avenues running from the hills southward to the ports,  and the odd-numbered north-south freeways and the even-numbered east-west freeways. Of course, it's always depressing to see old train/trolley maps of L.A., with lines going everywhere, serving the whole region before being torn up in the 1950s. Then again, if L.A. actually had a functional and useful subway system it would instantly become the greatest city in the world and become more crowded than it already is so...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Ainge and Thunder Dan in the same backcourt in Live 95? To quote Denzel in Virtuosity, "Game ovah."

Notre Dame AD Admits NCAA Athletics is a Business

Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick let slip this telling quote in discussing potential conference realignments, ""I've been around this business for 29 years and this is as unstable as I've ever seen it." A business with unpaid employees, what a concept!

The Pac-10 is exploring the addition of two teams, while the Big Ten is looking for its 12th member. Once at 12 teams, the Pac-10 and Big Ten could have conference championship games in football. Remember kids, we can't have a playoff in college football because adding games would rob student-athletes of school time (never mind that the playoffs would take place over Christmas/New Year's). How can they justify adding a conference championship in early December, when most schools are in finals? The mind spins.

Let's hope Ed O'Bannon is successful in his lawsuit against the NCAA for the uncompensated use of his likeness in video games.

Gael Monfils Amazing Tennis Rally and a World Record Kick to the Balls

Tennis in March? France's Gael Monfils demands and commands your attention with this absurd vertical rally.
Also, as Hans Moleman taught us in "Man Getting Hit By Football," a man getting hit in the balls is always entertaining.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Friday, March 05, 2010

Why Would Anyone Want To Read 340 Pages About The Mets?

A free 340-page Mets annual from Amazin' Avenue.

Of course, this is way too much information about the Mets, but it appears (based on a very quick skim) to be very well done.

Amusingly, the authors wrote a brief little rhyme about each player as part of their player profiles. Sample:

Josh Fogg
Fans wanted a pitcher, but looked on, agog
As all the Mets gave them was signing Josh Fogg.

Anderson Hernandez
The Mets turned to Hernandez late in the season.
For hitting? For fielding? For no evident reason.

Gary Matthews Jr.
The Mets earned the privilege, for two million bucks
To learn what the Angels know; this player sucks!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Keep On Yammin

Coachie surely had this classic video in mind- from the poster boy of being posterized (to the tune of nearly 70 mil (scroll to bottom of the page)):

Donnie Walsh Admits Knicks Have No Rebuilding Plan and Are a Complete and Utter Failure

 The killing joke.

Surprise Knicks fans! If the Knicks don't sign LeBron this summer, there is no Plan B! A pathetic "Teflon" Donnie Walsh has admitted that he is to blame for the Knicks being one of the worst teams in the league with no bright future ahead.

Try this on for double-speak:

"I didn't say (in) one summer we're going to turn around and become a championship team," Walsh said. "And I'm not asking for time. I won't have that much time. I know one thing. Now at least we have a flexible position, whether it's next summer or the summer after to start adding players to this team that can head you in that direction."

How to Save the NBA Dunk Contest; Nate Robinson Dunking over Bill Wennington

I was listening to a Sports Herb's podcast recently, he had on frequent guest Kevin Wildes on to discuss  half-baked ideas. One of them was a fantastic idea to spice up the dunk contest, where each dunker would have to try and dunk on a defender. There's no doubt that after 20 years of solo dunks something needs to change. It's like watching the high jump after a certain point, there are only so many pirouettes one can do on the way to a solo yam.

Years back Biz, Coups and I discussed how much doper it would be if dunkers yammed over doofy white centers, inspired by the illest facial of all time.

The other night, LeG.O.D.D. had a dunk against the Knicks that he personally felt was one of his most satisfying ever, even though it didn't count cuz it came after a foul. Here it is on youtube. It's quite lovely. But what do we really want to see? We want to see Carter stuffing his balls down Weis' throat. We want to see Shawn Kemp dunking violently on fools and then pointing at them.

It's sort of how shoot-outs in Soccer are a complete bore. Tense, but a bore nonetheless. It's a player standing there against a Goalkeeper who doesn't stand a chance (success rate is in the low 80s). He kicks it, more often than not, it goes in. With dunks, we wouldn't need as much acrobatics, so long as they got a decently ill dunk off a doof. Bring back Mureson, Weis, Bill Wennington, Jeff Eaton, Kurt Rambis, Luc Longley, Eric Montross, Bryant Reeves, bring them all back, and let them get dunked on.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Champion. The Challenger.

Inevitably, there were only two possible outcomes from this titanic slice in time (one of Coachie's finest snapshots, and my desktop wallpaper to boot):

1) A swing and a miss, or

2) A booming double into Tree.

Representin Roosevelt Isle

Democracy in New York

News and notes from a failed State:
1. A loser's lunch featuring Carl McCall, Charles Rangel and Malcolm Smith.

2. The most powerful politician in the State, whose mandate to rule comes from the margin of a few thousand voters from the more un-residential portions of Lower Manhattan has called for the sitting Governor to stop governing.

3. Partly because the sitting Governor used government resources and employees to help cover up a growing sex scandal.

The next time the United Nations sends an observer mission to oversee some election in some far-off land to make sure democracy is spreading they should visit Albany. The next time we talk about foreign affairs or national politics let's turn the talk to matters in our own backyards, to elections where our vote actually matters.

As Fiorello LaGuardia said; "There is no Democratic or Republican way to pick up garbage." The two most ungovernable states in the union, New York and California, are two of the most politically aware and educated states in the union, but not enough people in those states care enough about their own local politicians.

Or as R. Kelly said, "they don't sleep with us, they don't eat with us, besides, what they eat don't make us shit." Real talk.