Monday, March 15, 2010

When Knicks-Nets Meant Something

Coach Scotty Brooks and Sam I Am watch in amazement as Coach Herbie Williams valiantly attempts to convert a finger roll. Judging by the talent on the floor, this must have been some game.

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coachie said...

Wait, Scottie (2 Hottie) Shooks played on the Knicks? I only remember him as a Rocket.

A rare Herb Williams action shot. I prefer to remember him standing there stoically during timeouts, gazing off a thousand yards into the distance...
Mace: "Herb, what you thinkin about?"
Herb: (silence)
Mace: "Ay yo, Herb, you hear me?"
Herb: (imperceptibly annoyed) "Hmmm? Oh...nothing...."