Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Metlas Shrugged

Deadspin came through with two eviscerations of the Mets within the past few days, both obviously completely warranted.

The first post, from Friday, deaded Shitti Field. Highlights include: "There are over fifty advertisements from foul pole to foul pole in Citi Field, likely a side effect of Mr. Wilpon's lack of understanding Ponzi schemes. The team's championship banners were on a brick wall facing away from the stadium, invisible to anybody watching the game, until they were finally moved about a week ago. The bullpen is under a fucking canopy for some reason. The entire outfield wall lacks any semblance of symmetry, and throughout the whole field there must be about a hundred different heights for the outfield fence. The tops of the dugouts are red and black. Why? Not a fucking clue. And when faced with criticism about the field, the Wilpons sloppily added a third video monitor in the right field corner, apparently hoping that they could distract the fans form the shittiness of the stadium by just adding more shiny TVs." And, "the enormous Geico advertisement known as Citi Field, is far more soulless, aloof and, yes, excessive than Shea ever was.

Of course, our pal Fred Coupon did an excellent job summing up the new Shea experience back in April.

The second Deadspin post comes from today, a stark look back at this season in pictures and video.

Now, I'm a little removed from the doldrums in New York, but this season seems truly lost in the sense that no one cares. No one's cared since June. And indifference can be far more dangerous than hate. Past Met disaster-seasons seem downright fun compared to this year. Think Vince Coleman. Think Bobby Bo. Think Big Mo. Think Shawn Estes. Think Harmando Boonitez catching haircuts.

Despite my distance, I've done okay keeping up through the Post, WFAN and various blogs. This year's controversies seem forced. The vitriol half-hearted. To borrow one of Bizman's favrit sayings, "Meh." After the past few years, to Mets fans, like the Jane's Addiction Album, Nothing's Shocking.