Sunday, January 17, 2010

What Would Mangini Eat?

Mangini Dreamz.

I have a proclivity for rather strange dreams about the sporting world, like the one where I was pulled hastily from my job tending gardens to deliver the eulogy for my best pal, Sidney Ponson.

This Sunday morning I awoke around 7AM with a sudden start and in a cold sweat. The last I remember I was reading a "Jets Confidential" column in the Post which reported, "Now we can reveal Mangini's favorite sandwiches to order from Subway. Mangini was such a regular that he had unique code-names for his favorites. Mangini would order a 'Baps' which was a combo-footlong, with one-half being every lunch meat on the menu cooked until crispy and the other half being simple meatballs marinara. Mangini's other fave was 'Two Franks Wrapped Around A Frank' which was two Italian sausages split open and wrapped around a sausage marinara sandwich."

Now I can't go back to sleep.