Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Democracy in New York

News and notes from a failed State:
1. A loser's lunch featuring Carl McCall, Charles Rangel and Malcolm Smith.

2. The most powerful politician in the State, whose mandate to rule comes from the margin of a few thousand voters from the more un-residential portions of Lower Manhattan has called for the sitting Governor to stop governing.

3. Partly because the sitting Governor used government resources and employees to help cover up a growing sex scandal.

The next time the United Nations sends an observer mission to oversee some election in some far-off land to make sure democracy is spreading they should visit Albany. The next time we talk about foreign affairs or national politics let's turn the talk to matters in our own backyards, to elections where our vote actually matters.

As Fiorello LaGuardia said; "There is no Democratic or Republican way to pick up garbage." The two most ungovernable states in the union, New York and California, are two of the most politically aware and educated states in the union, but not enough people in those states care enough about their own local politicians.

Or as R. Kelly said, "they don't sleep with us, they don't eat with us, besides, what they eat don't make us shit." Real talk.

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Bryan said...

This the first time the words "they should visit Albany" have been used in sequence. They didn't even appear in Borges' Library of Babel, which had every word/letter combination possible.