Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Champion. The Challenger.

Inevitably, there were only two possible outcomes from this titanic slice in time (one of Coachie's finest snapshots, and my desktop wallpaper to boot):

1) A swing and a miss, or

2) A booming double into Tree.


Coachie said...

Warming Filter 85?

If they ever build a Claire Schulman Queens History Museum schoolhouse sticks deserves its own wing.

oh, and for completion's sake, "The Champion. The Challenger. Wembley!! So, Chico....."

Bryan said...

3) A ball that may or may not have hit the line, bounced twice before the pitcher, or have gone fair or foul, followed by a protracted argument that ends up with us saying all manner of things about one another that are unrelated to stickball.

Bryan said...

God those were good times.

coachie said...

New, from Rialto Press, a leather-bound 4,000 glossy-paged coffee table book, "The Greatest Arguments in Stickball History."

Thrill to the debate over the Miz' semifinal homer in Brooklyn.
Marvel over the hullabaloo over playoff formats.
Drool over Cannatar's ability to squeeze the strike zone tighter than a Saigon whore.

Bryan said...

"Drool over Cannatar's ability to squeeze the strike zone tighter than a Saigon whore."

Jesus, that was the worst thing ever. It was like his constant way of proving he was better than you.

Biz said...

The greatest revenge was a backwards K.

So... sticks teams?

Biz said...

Oh, and that pitch was definitely a strike. Ed in his power-pitching prime.

coachie said...

don't forget to use the awesome sticks teams logos i made last spring. (patting self on the back(