Friday, March 05, 2010

Why Would Anyone Want To Read 340 Pages About The Mets?

A free 340-page Mets annual from Amazin' Avenue.

Of course, this is way too much information about the Mets, but it appears (based on a very quick skim) to be very well done.

Amusingly, the authors wrote a brief little rhyme about each player as part of their player profiles. Sample:

Josh Fogg
Fans wanted a pitcher, but looked on, agog
As all the Mets gave them was signing Josh Fogg.

Anderson Hernandez
The Mets turned to Hernandez late in the season.
For hitting? For fielding? For no evident reason.

Gary Matthews Jr.
The Mets earned the privilege, for two million bucks
To learn what the Angels know; this player sucks!


coachie said...

it's that kind of devotion which makes the pain of being a mets fan all the greater. we deserve a good team in exchange for our diehardness.

lo and behold, after i write the above words i see them echoed on page 11 in tim marchman's introduction.

i wonder if making it free helps them avoid potential trouble with using pics of the mets and their trademarks.

coachie said...

any takers on the Gary Keith Ron drinking game?