Thursday, March 04, 2010

Donnie Walsh Admits Knicks Have No Rebuilding Plan and Are a Complete and Utter Failure

 The killing joke.

Surprise Knicks fans! If the Knicks don't sign LeBron this summer, there is no Plan B! A pathetic "Teflon" Donnie Walsh has admitted that he is to blame for the Knicks being one of the worst teams in the league with no bright future ahead.

Try this on for double-speak:

"I didn't say (in) one summer we're going to turn around and become a championship team," Walsh said. "And I'm not asking for time. I won't have that much time. I know one thing. Now at least we have a flexible position, whether it's next summer or the summer after to start adding players to this team that can head you in that direction."

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Biz said...

I know Donnie "I'm No Bill" Walsh has his eye on the real crop of the free agent class- the one and only Jerome James.