Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weekend Update

Tuff weekend for your boy Coachie. Got called out as "Luis Scola" on the b-ball courts on Thursday. Got whipped in handball on Saturday morning in Venice 7-3. Got whipped in stickball on Saturday afternoon in Santa Monica 5-1, then got whipped in tennis 6-0, 6-4 on Sunday morning in Marina Del Rey. Capped off by a 4-1 whipping in foosball in Simi Valley Sunday night.
Spotted in Downtown L.A. Friday Afternoon. E-Z solution to California's budget crisis, quintuple the vanity plate fees, these assholes will still pay.
Afro-Mullet? Check.
Jose Canseco-style shades circa 1988? Check.
Tight black t-shirt? Check.
Sucked-in beer gut? Check.
Shapeless K-Mart Jeans? Check.
Crisp white sneakers? Check.
Authoritative strut across the park? Check.
Yup, Dad's ready for another Little League Season.
(Spotted in Los Amig-Bro Park in Santa Monica, CA on Saturday afternoon)

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Biz said...

I intercepted a youngster's likely touchdown pass last Saturday, as their touch football game encroached on my basketball court. I was proud- it was a really good catch.