Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When's the last straw?

Fred Coupon: Is it Jeff Wilpon and Omar Minaya attaching a congratulatory letter to the pitching rubber from CitiField the night Mariano Rivera got his 500th career save?

Make no mistake, I WILL get ejected from this Sunday's home finale.

Biz: or wheeled off in the Madden ambulance.

I might as well just set up a google news alert right now.

Fred Coupon: another insult:

What happened to the 45 cent tickets? This is a football sunday! There'll be 1500 people there!

Biz: why would a pepsi porch seat cost $125?

Bryan: It comes with a Pepsi


Time to cheer ourselves up, and what better way than to relive the magic of Frank Wycheck, Music City Miracle Worker and fantasy stud tight end?

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