Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Elegantly Wasted; Photos of Famous Alcoholic Writers

Life Magazine soldiers on in internet form, and remains incredibly valuable for its archives. They began, somewhat recently, to organize some of their photos into interesting sets. One such set is this collection of photos of famous writers who drank famous amounts of booze and tossed off delicious quotes such as "[toss your] balls to the sea.....if you have any balls left," and "[t]o smoke opium is to get off the train while it is still moving." Enjoy.


Bryan said...

Sinclair Lewis = Biz. Mark it down.

coachie said...

we must await the MZA's judgment as the final arbiter of lookalikes.

although if you take a look at the cover of Charles Bukowski's "Ham on Rye," which shows him in high school you've got a pretty strong Biz right there.


Bryan said...

"we must await the MZA's judgment as the final arbiter of lookalikes."

I will hold any sort of contest to prove my superiority in this, and win it unanimously.

It was written.

coachie said...

'twould be a fun battle.
it's hard to top the groundbreaking research that led to the Willie Randolph-Scarlett Johansson comparison

Bryan said...

Yeah, I'm a moron for not "getting" that one. As they look absolutely -- and I mean absolutely -- nothing alike. You know who looks alike? People who look alike.