Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rex, & Jets Eat Up Cincy's Chili & Bengwads, Respectively

The confetti, fireworks and chili were all prepared by Mayor Bengwad's office in anticipation of his his fair city's football team's first playoff win since 1991. Unfortunately, he never foresaw his coach burning timeouts like napkins in a chili-eating contest and his quarterback overthrowing balls like someone put chili in his jockstr- I apologize, that's enough chili references for a month. Cedric Benson did his damnedest to keep his team in the game, but it was the Jets' offense that set the tone for the game with brilliantly designed and called plays by offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer -no doubt a good resume game to use for any future interviews- and execution from New York's offensive line, and young guns Shonn Greene, Dustin Keller and of course, Mark -eff you Pete Carroll- Sanchez. The defense did just enough to make life difficult for Mr. Ochocinco and old pal Laveranues Coles. Oh well, at least Rex can clean up all that extra chili Mayor Bengwad set up.

While no one should be throwing parades back here for a Jet squad that outplayed a flawed and peaked-too-early Bengal team, road playoff wins are still special -despite their frequency these days- building blocks for a young team and coach. Now Rex Ryan has to stay up all week matching up against a loaded Charger unit that is lethal passing the ball but won't be nearly as intimidating on the ground: Benson was much more threatening than a washed-up LaDainian Tomlinson and pesky Darren Sproles. That said, Philip Rivers is miles ahead of Carson Palmer, and can carve up any defense. But it's house money now. BRING IT ON!


coachie said...

Their D played great. hey, i watched football! well, the fourth quarter.

That chili looks delicious, love that bengal peeping beneath a mound of schtee.

the jet win was so monumental that SerbyBot 2.0 suffered a severe malfunction, peep his madcap sunday output: "Man Oh Manchez. Man Oh Manchise...if Cool Hand Mark plays like this, the Jets could have more bite than Ryan's bark, if that is at all possible."

and fuck pete carroll

Cleveland Frowns said...

Classic Serb. He had already started on the Cool Hand Mark business early last week. Man oh Manchez.

I think the Jets have a puncher's chance this week. I think momentum is an overrated concept going into the playoffs, but these Jets appear to have found themselves just in time, which is something different from momentum, really. And they match up well against SD.

Imagine how good they could be if Braylon could catch just one.

Fred Coupon said...

It feels like Braylon is contractually obligated to drop one deep ball a game. This Sunday would be a good time to catch one.

At least he's made some over-the-middle catches on third down. And Cotchery is a very reliable option who gets more space thanks to Bray.

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