Friday, January 15, 2010

The Man Who Killed Elvis Presley?

The UK's Daily Mail is a newspaper that gets the internet. Their website is easy to navigate and bursting with incredible, high-resolution photography. Content-wise, its American equivalent is the New York Post. The Post's website is amongst the worst out there. Part of it is Rupert Murdoch's general anti-internet philosophy. Rightly or wrongly, Murdoch doesn't believe that news content should be given out for free. His flagship paper, The Times, also has an awful website. Seattle-Seahawk-lime-green is not a good dominant color for a site. Still, no newspaper site has figured out how to place a graphically pleasing advertising skin over articles, a problem papers should have figured out five years ago.

Before I bore everyone with yet another rant on the future of newspapers, here's a typically great Daily Mail article about Elvis' drug doctor, who may or may not be responsible for Elvis' death. Some shocking revelations, including the fact that Elvis may have used liquid cocaine to cure a sore throat. Most newspapers wouldn't bother with one picture to accompany an online article, the Mail blesses us with 8. They get it. An article on Fat Elvis should show Fat Elvis. Enjoy.

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