Thursday, January 14, 2010

New York Mets, A.K.A. Clippers East

The only thing missing is a racist landlord owner, but who knows what skeletons the Coupons have in their real estate closet. Funny thing is both teams had their heydays this decade around the same time in 2006, but have returned to punchline status now. As the injuries mount, the names start to blur together: Livingston, Reyes, Griffin, Beltran, etc. At least the Mets own their crappy, depressing venue opposed to the Paper Clips' renter status at the Office Supply Center.

Rest assured, Beltran's injury will not deter me from pounding the Mets' under, because that's just the tip of the iceberg. I just hope both the Knicks and Rangers can make some noise in April in order to make the Mets totally and deservedly irrelevant.


Bryan said...

Given that the Mets were one run away from the World Series, and came close to making the playoffs two other years, I'm going to call this comparison a stretch. A giant, self-loathing stretch that doesn't account for 1/10th of the actual misery of the Clippers, maybe, but a stretch nonetheless. The Mets would have to pull this act for two straight decades to reach Clipstown levels. Let's be fair here. Things seem bad. They are bad. They're not even close to that bad.

Fred Coupon said...

Weren't the Paper Clips some botched Dunleavy calls/decisions away from advancing to the conference finals?

And you underestimate the '2nd team' status of both franchises.

cannatar said...

I understand that in a ranking of "2nd team status," the Mets & Clippers would be well ahead of the pack.

But the Clippers are defined by an entire history of futility, while the Mets have had moments of success. Since moving to LA in 1984, the Clippers have had 2 winning season. TWO! And only made it out of the first round of the playoffs once. Bad calls or not, they've never made it to their league's final four.

The Mets' track record isn't nearly as bad. Since 1991 (the beginning of the bad era), the Mets have had 9 winning seasons and advanced to the NLCS 3 times.

From 1991 to the present day, the Mets have had a .496 winning percentage; the Clippers, .367.

Fred Coupon said...

Problem is the Lakers and Yankees have been winning titles left and right. Very similar boat there.

Tinfoil hat mode: It's well known that Beltran was ticked off at the Met medical staff last year. He has every right to pursue a non-elective surgery, but to not even notify the team seems like a calculated move to stick it to the organization. Beltran is represented by Scott Boras.

2008: Manny Ramirez forgets which leg hurts, shoves a team employee and is a general jerk. Ramirez is represented by Scott Boras.

coachie said...

wow, cannatar checking in with some hoops knowledge!

the Mets situation is far worse than the Clips because even the Clips fans don't care.