Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Los Angeles Clippers: A Tradition of Excellence (Not!)

I'm no simile sexpert but I don't think of dunks as "fast." As in, man, that Shawn Kemp sure dunked the ball swiftly! Monstrous, sure. Barbaric, yes. Yamtastic, indeed. And please, please, please watch this Shawn Kemp Reebok commercial. I imagine Clippers tix are moving as swiftly as Tree Rollins defending Kemp in this clip.Also, has Griffy-Griff even dunked the ball for the Paper Clips in a game yet?

Don Sterling comes off seeming surprising funny in this surprisingly decent L.A. Times column by hack T.J. Simers. Good reading. We can only dream of having the kind of lucci that let's us pay a men like Ryan Gomes and Randy Foye millions and then say, ""If I really called the shots we wouldn't have signed Gomes and what's the other guy's name?"

And the new Clippers road uni and logo. Still biting the Lakers with that logo, and the usual extraneous modern-NBA piping on the sides.


Bryan said...

a) It's to the point that I think Shea Hey is my most anticipated blog to read.

b) The "Los Angeles" in red jerseys are fucking hotness.

coachie said...

Mutual Appreciation Society, Your Tumblr site is killer. just one complaint, no comments!

Biz said...

the reignman's samurai-robot-monster opponent loses after ONE dunk? he ws CLEARLY dominating up to that point- unless it was a game to one, and all he had been doing was blocking shots. unfortunately. does not offer a game log of the contest.

Coachie said...

mexcellent point bizman, it was truly a one-sided contest in favor of the samurai-robot-monster (sa-ro-mo for short, perhaps mortal enemy or jo-lo-mo) but in fairness, we don't know the rules of the game. Sa-Ro-Mo may have been a Predator-type creature from a race of shot-blocking aliens sent to battle Earth's only hope with the rule being that if Kemp can dunk on him just once, Earth may survive.

Biz said...

that sounds like a sega cd game, along the lines of jordan's "chaos in the windy city".