Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When it Rains

Joel Sherman always has a way of making the life of a Mets fan that much more depressing. In his Hardball column today, he discusses why the Yanks were savvy in not pulling the trigger for Johan, and how the Mets made a dumb roster move in trying to make space for Nelson Figueroa involving Rule 5 mysteries that only Cannatar can understand.

At least Johan isn't gone for 2010!!!


Fred Coupon said...

Can't buy Sherman's ridiculous hindsight Kool-Aid. He was ripping the Yankees apart for not pulling the trigger last year.

I have noticed my gradual drifting away from print media guys, as even Mushnick has lost a lot of bite.

cannatar said...

1. The Twins demanded a much better package from the Yankees, so it can be argued that the Mets and Yanks both made the right decisions in regard to Johan.

2. Carlos Gomez has a .659 OPS right now and none of the pitchers the Mets traded have panned out.

3. The Yanks had to wait a year for CC. In a slightly different universe, the Mets make the playoffs in 2008. If the Mets had gone far in October while the Yanks stayed home, all the writers would have said the difference was that the Mets had the balls to trade for Johan while the Yanks clung to a failed prospect in Phil Hughes.

4. It's usually stated that the Mets paid Johan a market-rate contract in addition to giving up prospects. That's not entirely accurate. Accounting for the deferred money, Johan has a $123/6 deal; CC has a $161/7 deal.

cannatar said...

By the way, I'm tempted to say I want a copy of that Johan drawing on my wall, but it would likely be vetoed by my co-habitant.

coachie said...

what about placing the drawing next to the toilet?