Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Future Generations Will Be Amazed By This Mets Roster

Lance Broadway
Elmer Dessens
Pedro Feliciano
Nelson Figueroa
Sean Green
Pat Misch
Bobby Parnell
Mike Pelfrey
Tim Redding
Francisco Rodriguez
Brian Stokes
Ken Takahashi
Omir Santos
Brian Schneider
Luis Castillo
Anderson Hernandez
Daniel Murphy
Fernando Tatis
Wilson Valdez
Nick Evans
Jeff Francoeur
Angel Pagan
Jeremy Reed
Gary Sheffield
Cory Sullivan

Someone needs to plug this team in a simulator like Diamond Mind and see who would win a series between this team and the '62 Mets.


Fred Coupon said...

I want a round robin tournament featuring the '62, '93, '03 and '09 teams.

Biz said...

At best, ONE fantasy-worthy player in K-Rod (I'll pass, thanks).

coachie said...

it's mind-boggling when listed out like that. i am amazed that people are still going to the park to see this lineup play out the string.
it's not even the type of lineup full of youngsters that you can talk yourself into going to the park to see them develop.

Fred Coupon said...

What are you talking about? Fans can watch Pelfrey round into 4th-starter form for next year. I think that's a reasonable ceiling for him.

Hard to believe Jeff Francoeur is one of the lone bright spots on the team -he's two years younger than the guy the Mets traded Wagner for.

Fred Coupon said...

Scratch Ollie, and witness the LANCE BROADWAY era!!!

Great pornstar name.

The Mza said...

a google search would easily answer this question, but...seriously -- LANCE BROADWAY? that's a real name?