Friday, June 11, 2010

Is Lady Gaga a Met Fan?

 We already know most of the famous Met fans. Glenn Close (so classy), Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin James (stop yelling at me), Viggo Mortensen (would a Viggo/Figo movie pairing literally burn the screen?), Matthew Broderick (poor guy has to root for the Mets AND sleep with a horse), Julia Stiles (met her outside a Knick game, very nice, shawter than the Mets reign on top), Marc Anthony (the only human being skinnier than BK Wallstreet), Julian Casablancas ("ohhh, we're the Strrrrrrrooooookes") and Kelly Ripa (perhaps the only human being hotter than my proposed Viggo/Figo pairing).

Can we now add Lady Gaga to this list? Only the biggest hitmaker in the world right now? The inheritor to Madonna's throne? Can the fucking paparazzi let her watch the Mets and Padres in peace?

 It's Gaga's world, we just pay rent in it. She may have feelings for the Mets, but she can't be tied down, after all, she's a "free bitch, baby."


Biz said...

Goodness, that song gets worse and worse. "Paparazzi", however... that's my joint.

Coachie said...

glad you're not a complete hater. what about "alejandro" that's my jam. str8 "la isla bonita"

cannatar said...

Apparently not.

from today's Post:

"The beer-swilling diva -- who has professed her love for the Yankees --"

coachie said...