Saturday, April 08, 2006


"HARDBALL IS BACK!" Indeed. Sadly, the promise of 1992 comes fourteen (14) years too late to save the souls of Bret "Never Hatin'" Saberhagen, Bobby "I'll Show You The Bronx" Bo,
Vinny "Choo-Choo" Coleman, "E-Z" Eddie Murray, and
Frank "Royal" Tanana"-baum."

"God Speed," says Ryan Thompson before using one of his five (5) tools to piece together cardboard box to sleep in.

"You want cheese on that or what?" demands Eddie Murray when reached for comment behind the grill at the Flamin' Embers on East 86th Street.

Peep this from the 1993 Times:
Published: March 26, 1993
The New York Mets' record last season left a lot to be desired. That's why for the 1993 season, the ball club is introducing a campaign that focuses on the experience of attending baseball games rather than the outcome of the games.
"You make the call" serves as the theme for two humorous 30-second commercials, created by TBWA Advertising in New York. In one spot, a hot dog is passed through a stadium crowd to a young boy who delightfully takes a bite. "Hot dog and a cold one," is superimposed on the screen followed by "Or . . . Another night of takeout." On the screen, a man is featured receiving a greasy bag of takeout food, while the same boy grimaces in disgust.
Stephen Wakeen, vice president and management supervisor at TBWA, said yesterday that it was "only natural" to change approaches from last year, when a campaign unfortunately promised fans "Hardball is back."

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c.s.p. said...

Flaming Embers is sadly out of business now.

So dark, spooky and yummy at the same time. Formerly the favorite eating establishement of one Adam Grantz.