Friday, June 27, 2008

No Gangsta's Paradise

Jerry Manuel can talk all he wants about trying to build up a home field advantage with a revved-up crowd and team at Shea Stadium, but getting shut out twice in three home games is no way to make friends with the fans. You could see the post-fifteen run letdown coming from a mile away, but to essentially give up after a few tough breaks early speaks to the many flaws in the team's lineup, which features the likes of Trot Nixon -he belongs in a George F. Will essay or an Iowa corn field-, Endy Chavez -best late-game defensive replacement outfielder in the majors, emphasis on late- and Marlon Anderson -already a butcher defensively, and best suited as a pinch hitter. Ryan Church's return should add more power to the lineup, but right field will remain a black hole that must be filled by a right handed bat that can OPS at 700 - much higher than the efforts of Damion Easley and Fernando Tatis. The waiver wire can only do so much, Omar.

Speaking of new acquisitions, Brian Cashman must already be scouring the majors for another starter, because he already used up one of Sidney Ponson's few bullets -no, not the silver ones.

It also seems appropriate to comment on Pedro Martinez continued ineffectiveness, but perhaps it is best to wait one more start before writing his career obituary -wow, two straight years a first ballot hall of famer's career crumbles with the Mets, eh?

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Who is the other first-ballot hall of famer?