Thursday, July 17, 2008

Beating, Throttling, Pummeling and Eviscerating a Dead Horse

In support of Cleveland Frowns' quixotic crusade to rid the world of Chief Wahoo I offer this proposal for a new cap logo, which in my mind would be a compromise by retaining Wahoo's distinctive feather while chucking his ugly mug. It also suggests an interlocking 'C' and 'I' for the Cleveland Indians. It also represents history by evoking the Tribe's pre-Wahoo wishbone "C" cap logo without causing confusion with Cincinnati.


Cleveland Frowns said...

Tecumseh approves.

Ryan said...

Awesome logo. I'm sold.

Redz.Harvest said...

Yes! Pummeled horse meat is very nutritious. So many ways to cook it.