Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Things Weren't Better Back in the Day (Except Back in Our Day)

Create Your Own Caption Contest.

Winner receives Props, Pounds and a litre of Gary Pettis' Jheri Curl Run-Off.

2nd place gets to run their hands, softly, through Fred Lynn's hair for precisely two minutes.

3rd place gets to fill Don Baylor's size 9 cap with soft-serve ice cream.

Loser must lay prone on the ground as Reggie focuses the Sun's rays through his glasses onto your face.


The Mza said...

The Jackson 4

Fred Coupon said...

The mid-80s Angels oozed so much awesomeness that they drove many lesser men to PEDs just to gain a fraction of their greatness.

Biz said...

Come get some, girl.

Cleveland Frowns said...

"Reggie, Don, what's with the hats?"

Big Dood said...

Can I leave 3? I'm doing it.

1. Four men attempt to forget seeing Bob Boone naked earlier in the day.

2. Oh we the Angels? That makes more sense, man I thought you said California RAISINS.

3. Well you go tell Gene Autry that Steinbrenner ALWAYS paid for the hookers.

Coachie said...

I think Big Dood comment #3 wins the prize on this one, but props to all.