Monday, June 22, 2009

Starting to feel like 2003...

...time to discover new Jae Seos and Jason Philips to emerge from the ashes of an injury riddled carcass. Daniel "I am unable to naturally pull a ball" Murphy has distinguished himself as a pinch hitter/defensive replacement at first -I can't believe it either- and Fernando Martinez will get plenty of at bats, while the bullpen will become a revolving door showcasing the mediocrity Omar Minaya has assembled the last five drafts.

Albert Pujols: 26 HR
Alex Cora + Daniel Murphy + David Wright + Fernando Tatis + Ryan Church + Omir Santos + Jeremy Reed + Luis Castillo + Tim Redding = 16 HR


coachie said...

Good analogy. The big picture is that the Mets are very much alive for the wild card, but then again so is every NL team save the Nats.

More and more we realize that the Mets' window of opportunity came and went in 2006. And now we are wasting preemo years from Santana.

Fred Coupon said...

It's very proper the night I post Murhpy's nickname he awkwardly one-hands a home run to right center field. It's not a very pretty swing at all, but he is surprisingly smooth at first. He can turn a mean 3-6-3, something Delgado struggles mightily with.

It's a matter of time before both Howard and Ibanez return for the Phillies, who will probably add some chump like Jason Marquis for the stretch drive and go on a run. And as you said, the NL is so bad the Mets will still be in the wild card race to the end.