Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Can't Wear Skinny Jeans Cuz....

Awhile back, an out-of-touch Hov declared his disdain for skinny jeans on the blaze (no thanks to him) banger "Swagger Like Us."

At last nite's All-Star Game, we learned that the Big O aka The Leader of the Free World shares the Marcy Maestro's hate.

Take a gander at his ghastly ensemble. Saggy, shapeless Levis that descend shamefully down his lengthy gams only to end abruptly above his ankles. But of course! All the better to showcase those crispy white kicks. And that crease!!!! Does he iron his jeans? Are his jeans....pleated?????

It''s all too Seinfeld-ian.

And if he was going for the common man look he should have gone with Lee's. In fact, he should have just rocked Jorts.

Many others have picked up on the Obama-Seinfeld parallel, including the Huffington Post and the NY Times. He wears his suits fairly baggy as well. Which makes sense, considering he came of age amidst the shoulder-padded excess of the 80's. But does the change he stands for stop at his wardrobe?


Bryan said...

I'm with Obama. No skinny jeans.

Also with you: Swagger Like Us is blaze as all get out.

As long as the AL has Ichiro they'll never lose, f'real.

coachie said...

No skinny jeans bedford ave style or no skinny jeans period? cuz, i mean, Obama coulda at least rocked a pair of "Broadway" Brett "Jet" Favre Wranglers.