Friday, August 21, 2009

If I had wings, I would fly...let me contemplate...

"Even tho what we do is wrong...oh....even tho what we do is wrong...oh.....
Sunn you gotta get your soul clean.....before they blow them horns like Coltrane..."

One G walks free, another one heads into the Big P.

Michael Vick should never have served the time for the crime he committed. I wouldn't go as far in Vick's defense as Frownie, because if you are able to set aside the fact that we slaughter animals under insane conditions to produce the food most of us eat every day, society does have a genuine interest in preventing cruelty to animals. Still, Vick's sentence was harsh.

Just like the plea bargain Plaxico just accepted. Espn's Lester Munson put the situation into better words than I can. Poor Plax was fucked the minute King Bloomberg spit his rant about throwing the book at him. Bloomberg's unprecedented vitriol was the typical bluster of a man unwilling and unable to speak up when it truly matters. E-z for Bloomberg to talk tuff on Plax, not so e-z on matters that truly matter to the city on issues I won't step on soapbox here for. Suffice it to say that the proverbial book should be saved to be thrown at the kind of man who would subvert the will of the people to get himself a third term in the name of the public interest. That's some ill smoof 1984 shit right there.

Anyhoo, perhaps what's most galling about the Plax case is the fact that Puff still walks the streets a free man. Shyne's due for release this October after serving nearly 8 years

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Fred Coupon said...

Wasn't Vick busted for and essentially charged with running an interstate gambling ring?