Friday, August 28, 2009

Ya Gotta Believe...

or at least hope and pray and wish that the Wilpons really are so broke that they'll sell the team.

Fox Business:

"You can quote me," [author of new Madoff book] said of a possible sale of the Mets. "It's a matter of when. It could be as soon as next year."


Fred Coupon said...

The only wrinkle I can think of is interest from Jimmy Dolan. But if it's anyone else, LET'S GO METS!!!

The Mza said...

the mets are too valuable an asset for there not to be any interest -- if the rumors are true, the main question is whether there are any bob kraft type owners out there willing with to rebuild the organizational structure of the team.

Or perhaps some superfan comes in a la Mark Cuban? How much cash does Seinfeld have?

Fred Coupon said...

Seinfeld is still raking in all the syndication checks, so he could be a factor in a consortium.

I assume the Mets are too rich for the Donald's blood.

coachie said...

wow. honestly and sincerely the best piece of news to come down this season. good unearthing, cannatar.
Probably worthy of more examination in a future post, but can probably rule out most media companies as buyers following News Corp's unsuccessful tenure as owner of the Dodgers and Disney's unsuccessful tenure as owner of the Angels. There aren't many individuals capable of ponying up the, I would guess, $700 million or so. Oh, where have you gone Nelson Doubleday.

Fred Coupon said...

$700 M?

There were billion dollar bids for the Cubs and Wrigley, I'd have to imagine the Mets, CitiField and a piece of SNY would go for more.